Yesterday, October 13th, President Ray gave his annual “State of the University” address.  In it he made reference to the status for the Student Experience Center (SEC) along with other building projects on campus.

Let me turn now to our collective “to-do” list, which begins with pursuing initiatives that were not addressed in the recent legislative session. As noted earlier we succeeded in securing state lottery bond funds to complete funding for the new Austin Hall for our College of Business. Our Cascades campus, with financial support from the Legislature, hopes to purchase a building in downtown Bend to provide an immediate home for graduate programs and space for growth of the Cascades Campus for the next few years.

President Ray goes on to say:

However, we also sought approval for three capital projects that require no state dollars, and we were unsuccessful. One request was for XI-F bonds to build the new Student Experience Center, for which students voted to increase their own Student Incidental Fees in May 2010. The second project request was for XI-F bonds for an all-purpose instructional building, with the debt service funded by growth in tuition dollars from expanding out-of-state and international student enrollments. That proposal had the support of the ASOSU leadership. However, the proposed source of funding for the new classroom building has never been presented to the Legislature before. Our third project is a new residence hall, which is badly needed to keep up with the growing housing demand by students. We will go back to the Legislature in February and present our case more clearly and effectively.

You can see the full text of his speech online.

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