Welcome to the Oregon Season Tracker Program! 

Oregon Season Tracker (OST) is a project of Oregon State University that aims to link natural resource managers, educators, researchers and others in the community to the science they use through collaborative citizen science.  As a citizen scientist volunteer you will gather scientific data on precipitation and seasonal plant changes (phenology) at your home, woodland, farm, ranch or school to share with other observers and research partners statewide.

Oregon Season Tracker is a joint project of the OSU Extension program and the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program, and you as a citizen scientist. As a citizen science volunteer you join a broad network of OSU Extension volunteers working on this and many other projects throughout the state. The data collected by Oregon Season Tracker volunteers will help scientists at Andrews Forest and elsewhere fill gaps and expand the scale and inference of their research.

We hope that together the OST partnership can improve understanding of weather patterns and how plants and other living things in our ecosystem respond and adapt to regional variations in climate conditions by gathering data across diverse Oregon landscapes.

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