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This week in the office didn’t seem to have much spare time. It was mostly spent wrapping up loose ends on the communications side and doing background research for the Sea Grant final presentation (that is on Friday?? Man this flew by quick). It was so busy that there was only enough time for two […]

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Extra Curricular Activities??

Posted by: | August 7, 2017 | 4 Comments |

Every blog post I have written so far (and the following blogs in the next few weeks) has dealt with work and the work environment. But ya boy hasn’t just writing blogs and working this whole summer. Oh no, the rowdy strapping group of educated youths at Hatfield Marine Science Center have been taking full […]

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Blog #4 Neal Tyson The past couple weeks have been almost entirely in the office. Yet somehow these weeks are just flying by. I’ve never been one to see myself working in an office setting. I get antsy when I sit for too long and am almost constantly longing to be out in the field. […]

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  Week 3, the dorms really felt like a summer camp this week. Seagrant interns and REU scholars have officially merged into one large group of amazing people. With the extended holiday weekend we left camp and explored the southern coast. We hiked along the Cape Perpetua Coastline to get a peek at the marine […]

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Week 2 Neal Tyson Pictures to be added soon Following the success of the Port Orford Red Fish Rock Marine Reserve BBQ with a side of SCIENCE (that’s a mouthful), we were in high spirits going into the next outreach event. The next BBQ with a side of science was to be held at the […]

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Red Fish Rocks Outreach Event

Posted by: | June 26, 2017 | 1 Comment |

Blog week 1   The first week of an internship is always interesting. Meeting (and forgetting the names of) countless people, events loaded with free food and really getting to know the ropes of the work you’ll be doing for the rest of the summer. For the next 10 weeks I will be working with […]

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