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Kelsey Gianou

I am a 2012 graduate of Oregon State University with a M.S. in Marine Resource Management. I am currently a NOAA Coastal Management Fellow positioned at the Washington State Department of Ecology. I was also awarded a grant to create a mobile website for a pesticide toxicity database I created while a graduate student at OSU. My general interests are coastal management, restoration, invasive species, and science communication.

Greetings Sea Grant Scholar followers and contributors! I am now officially in my last 6 months as a NOAA Coastal Management Fellow with the Washington Department of Ecology. Soon, the soft shoreline stabilization guidance document I have produced as a central part of my project will be published by the WA Dept of Ecology’s SEA […]

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Greetings, It has been too long since my last post! I have been very busy here at the WA State Dept of Ecology with my Fellow’s project. I have made great strides creating Soft Shoreline Stabilization guidance for local jurisdictions in Puget Sound. I spent a long spring and summer writing, and my guidance is […]

under: Kelsey Gianou, NOAA Coastal Management Fellow