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Abigail Ernest-Beck

As a 2018 Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholar, Abigail is working with the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Newport, OR on quantifying the impact of anthropogenic inputs on water quality in Tillamook Estuary. Abigail just finished her junior year at Western Washington University, where she is studying Environmental Science with an emphasis in Marine Science and a minor in Music. She spent fall of 2017 studying marine biology at the Catholic University of the North in Coquimbo, Chile. Abigail is interested in studying the effects of humans on the marine environment, especially pollution. She is also interested in environmental justice and the incorporation of this in conservation efforts.

How are humans affecting the water quality in Tillamook Bay? This might sound like a simple question, but studies have been going on for decades and there is still ongoing research working to answer it. Tillamook Bay is a great habitat for oyster aquaculture, and it also happens to be in a valley largely occupied […]

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After several months of looking forward to it, I just finished my first week of the Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholars Program! The Hatfield Marine Science Center is primarily a research center for Oregon State University, but there are also several other buildings on the campus with various agencies. One of these buildings belongs to […]

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