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This summer has been full of learning opportunities, interesting times in Portland, and making great connections with others. Working at a cubicle was by no means my first choice this summer but looking back I couldn’t have asked for a better internship! My aspirations to help salmon and steelhead populations could not be better achieved […]

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In an effort to escape the snail pace of cubicle work I reached out to my Marine Biology professor at Hatfield Marine Science Center to discuss possible field opportunities. I was very fortunate that professor Itchung Cheung (also how I learned about the Summer Scholars internship) recommended an upcoming NOAA event at Hatfield. So on […]

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My experience at NOAA Fisheries has been extremely educational thus far and I continue to learn new insights about the work daily. NOAA Fisheries is a very large organization and could not accomplish the daunting work that is needed without its regional branch offices. We work within the West Coast Region which covers Washington, Oregon, […]

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Like many of the animals we study, us Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholars must adapt to our new environment.  I am fortunate to be a recipient of the 2018 Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholar position with NOAA Fisheries.  Although working with NOAA Fisheries is a dream come true, this is not the work environment that […]

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