Em’s summer expectations

As an Oregon Coastal Ocean Information Network (OCOIN) summer intern one of the primary duties I have is planning the annual webinar. This is a task that I am taking the lead on with the help of my fellow interns. For this my goals are learning about and implementing project management, teamwork, and leadership skills.

I hope to help OCOIN and my team by efficiently using my resources and willingness to learn to plan the webinar. Part of OCOIN’s mission is to promote collaboration with researchers, policy makers, and managers and an aspect of what I hope to do is to find some kind of communication platform that works for the participants for the short and long term.

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1 thought on “Em’s summer expectations

  1. Thank you Em! I would love to connect with you about the communication platforms that you are researching – I am on a similar quest for our end of summer Scholars symposium. Glad to hear that your internship is off to a good start!

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