King Tides Washing Around My Brain

Hello and welcome back!

King Tides Along the Coast

The past few weeks have been busy busy busy. For the King Tides Project, I have been making a web display to celebrate the 10th season of the Oregon King Tides Photo Initiative! The purpose of the display is to highlight the successes of the project and to educate about climate change and sea level rise on the Oregon coast. Preparing this display has taken hours of planning the order and content of the information, brainstorming meetings with other members of the Oregon Coastal Management Program, and sorting through many photos on our Flickr page!

Here is a photo of me with a sticky note map of all of the slides for the presentation!

Another large part of what I have been working on is getting a physical display ready! Hopefully, it will be travelling around in three different venues on the northern, central, and southern Oregon coast (exact locations and dates hopefully in the next post)! In addition to the traveling display, I have been coordinating with the manager of Hatfield Marine Science Center’s Visitors Center to organize a semi-permanent display that will be held there after the king tides season this upcoming winter!

If you want to keep up with what’s been happening with this project, feel free to follow our Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook at the handle of @orkingtide and check out our website:!

Okay, moving on from the work talk!

Camping and TACOS!!

Last week, we had our Sea Grant Summer Scholars midsummer check-in! It was really cool seeing all of the projects the other scholars are working on!

During this past weekend, we went on a camping trip as well! Camping in the Umpqua National Forest was beautiful, and especially so for my first time camping in Oregon! We experimented with ingredients in S’mores and I learned that peanut butter cups and graham crackers are some of the best inventions haha. We also had THE BEST TACOS OF MY LIFE at a place called Tacovore!! All in all, super fun trip.

Until next time, sea ya!!

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1 thought on “King Tides Washing Around My Brain

  1. Suhn, the king tides photos showcased on your Flickr site are amazing! I’ll look forward to seeing the photos you mentioned that contrast King Tides and normal tides. It sounds like you’re getting a lot of great experience with people management too (yay meetings ;). I hope that you’ll be able to come back and be a part of the opening for the permanent King Tides installation at Hatfield. Camping with you all was so fun!

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