Week 8: Guns and Roses Reunion Tour

This week I worked an extra day in exchange for me starting my long weekend a day early. Earlier in the week we received a piece of the bumper off of the Japanese dock. People have been very curious about the artifact and we have even installed a little sign on the fragment to help people identify it. It would also seem hat we will also be receiving a larger section of the dock at a later date. The dock is currently being broken up somewhere inland.

Aurora our octopus has been much more active this week. She has also continued to remain on the viewable side of the tank when she is sleeping. The new cool looking Octocam Cards are also proving to be very popular and we routinely have to refill the empty stack on the front desk. Another interesting event occurred this week as well. While we were refilling the Tsunami tank we accidentally lost control of the hose for a few seconds causing it to spray all over the place. We got some water on one of the computers as well but the device turned out to be alright. The Tsunami tank is still a work and progress but we have been opening it up to the public on Tuesdays with very positive results. On Friday Bill Hanshumaker had me help repaint the Yellow submarine out in front of the visitor center. It only took 2 hours and the submarine now looks really good (almost like new). All of us desperately tried to resist the urge to start humming the Beatles song while we were working.

Saturday was marked by another incident involving people with firearms. It has been decided that we should make a sign to discourage this from happening again. Additionally we have been having more trouble with leaks that seem to be spring up in multiple exhibits.

This upcoming week will be short (only 2 days) for me. I will be heading home for a 5 day break accumulated from all of my days off over the summer. I cannot believe that it is Mid August. Where has the time gone?

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3 thoughts on “Week 8: Guns and Roses Reunion Tour

  1. Looking forward to seeing how you’ll bring your summer experiences together in a final presentation. Enjoy your RNR.

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