Wave tank extravaganza!

Who knew that my wave tank would cause such chaos?!? This past week we opened up the erosion wave tank to the public with certain items such as large rocks to represent rip rap, bags of gravel to represent dynamic reventment, plastic vegetation, legos to represent a seawall.  There were also a small squeegee to design the sand with and to move the sand from one end of the tank to the other end.  I wasn’t sure if we should open it to the public yet because there weren’t any signs around or directions really and there weren’t any containers for the objects.  In addition, 2 school groups with 20 kids each ranging from 1st graders to 6th graders were going to use the tank when it first opened.  Oh Man, it was crazy!!! Kids were created such imaginative things in the sand that I wouldn’t even be able to think of it.  Their minds were amazing and I was happy I got to see them at work.   I was a lurker this past week to see how different people used the tank and I got some great feedback and notes on it.  Overall, this past week I’ve been working at the front desk and touch tank most of the day while doing estuary tours and the Ocean Quest presentation.  One of the main fun things I did was go to the Volunteer and Staff picnic where I got to talk to volunteers and staff a like in a more casual setting with good food and good conversation.  I had a blast and got some terrific leftovers like awesome tuna stakes and hamburgers plus dessert.

It looks like Aurora the octopus is adjusting to the tank in the visitor’s center.  She is showing small signs of stress.  We have her shrouded and in the dark to try and help her but it makes it hard for the visitor’s that come specifically to see the octopus or feeding it.  We had to cancel the feeding this past Saturday which upset some people, but most understand that Aurora is a live animal, not our pet.  Hopefully we can help her and make her feel more at home :)

Tomorrow, I will be thoroughly working on my wave tank.  I’m gonna try some new methods with the tank like putting in new ramps to distribute the sand or new toys that will be more durable in the tank for kids of all ages.  I  went to the Lincoln county festival and it wasn’t too shabby.  I got some good fair food, saw a few animals and rode a few rides.  Overall, for the $5 admission fee, it was worth it.  Also, I got sleep in on my weekend (Wednesdays and Thursdays) as well as go to seal rock and the historic bayfront of Newport.  My next stop at the Bayfront will be local ocean, because I love seafood and I hear it’s the place to go.

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