Pressure Counts

This week has been a lot more of the same with completing pressure counts. I feel like I have gotten good at figuring out the demographic information of the people that I am counting rather quickly. Also, I had some of the highest counts yet this week, with the gorgeous weather and the Fourth of July Holiday. I felt sort of in over my head at one stop, where the people seemed to be moving everywhere, making it difficult to count, and when I got done I realized I had counted over 150 visitors!  Its also interesting to see the patterns that play out with the numbers of visitors, so far I think that the weather has more of an effect than whether or not it is a weekend/weekday.

I took advantage of my time off this week with the holiday to try some new activities. Maryna, Kate, my friend Liz and I went clamming on the 4th of July. I came to find that it can be kind of addicting once you start having success. We ended up collecting enough to make a Clam Boil for our 4th of July potluck. I also took my first stab at surfing today! Maryna and Liz make it look so easy! I was able to surf on my knees but I can’t stand up yet, so I am hoping that I can get some more practice in this summer!


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  1. Sounds like you are having the quintessential summer on the Oregon coast experience. I am living vicariously through your posts!

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