APRIL 1 - 3, 2019 Conference Overview

Oregon State University, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Aqua-Terra Consultants, is hosting a two-and-half day educational workshop that covers sessions focused not only on seafood processing wastewater treatment, but best management practices, design and operation of plants for better compliance, and by-product recovery. The workshop format has focused sessions with talks from industry, vendors and compliance experts.

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Presentations and Panel Discussions

Mornings begin with focused sessions with talks from industry consultants, vendors and compliance experts. Each session ends with a panel discussion with speakers.

  • OSU Seafood Lab

Trade Show

Afternoons feature booths and time for participants to interact with service providers. A catered reception is held on the first day of the trade show.


Afternoons include mini-talks, demonstrations, and short workshops by service providers from industry, academia and government.