The College of Science is a vibrant scientific community and a premier center of education and research for Oregon State University, where students have studied science and mathematics since 1868. As home to the core life, physical, mathematical and statistical sciences, the College of Science has built a foundation of excellence and graduated more than 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students since our founding in 1932. The College remains committed to preparing scientifically literate graduates:  every student at the university takes a course in the College of Science.

More than one-third of Honors College students are science majors. Most of our students are engaged in undergraduate research almost as soon as they arrive on campus as a first-year student. Our graduate students work directly with our world-class faculty, researching new discoveries and generating innovative technologies to positively impact human health, knowledge and quality of life. The College awards more than 120 graduate degrees each year, expanding the nation’s intellectual capital.

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