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The passing of the baton, a changing of the guard, a new dawn in some ways in the leadership team in the College of Science. The College of Science comes together to celebrating the extraordinary service of our departing department chairs and welcome our new department heads. We are grateful for your many years of service to our faculty, to the College and to OSU. The legacy you leave behind has impacted generations of physicists, mathematicians and microbiologists.

“The job of a department chair is keeping an eye on the big picture, looking at the department as a whole and developing the department’s relationship with the College,” said Dean of Science Sastry Pantula. “But the chair is also a manager, keeping the day-to-day operations running smoothly; a researcher; teacher; consultant; a skilled navigator; tireless mentor; an accountant; and HR director. The hours are long, the days endless, the pay never enough, the thanks sometimes belated and the preparation all “on the job.”

“But I hope that the satisfaction comes from conducting a successful faculty search or re-imagining the department curriculum, mentoring a young colleague in their early years, serving others and watching others around you thrive,” adds Pantula. “I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding jobs you have done and for your many years of service to the College.”

The College has benefitted from the leadership and stewardship of our department chairs:

  • Theo Dreher, Chair of the Department of Microbiology, 2004-2014. Theo has been on OSU faculty for 28 years.
  • Tom Dick, Chair of the Department of Mathematics, 2011-2014. Tom has also been at OSU for 28 years.
  • Henri Jansen, Chair of the Department of Physics, 1998-2014. Henri arrived at OSU 30 years ago.

We welcomed three new extraordinary new department heads. With four of our seven department heads in the College now women, we are demonstrating our deep commitment to diversity in science.

  • Jerri Bartholomew, Head of the Department of Microbiology
  • Heidi Schellman, Head of the Department of Physics
  • Enrique Thomann, Interim Head of the Department of Mathematics

Thank you and welcome!

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