Ahern and Rajagopal receive Outreach & Engagement Vice Provost Award for Excellence in Innovation for Open Educational ResourcesKAhern and Indira_Provost awards 2014

Congratulations to Biochemistry & Biophysics professors Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal. Ahern and Rajagopal received the Outreach & Engagement Vice Provost Award for Excellence – Innovation Award for their free online textbook, Biochemistry Free and Easy. The electronic book helps students learn the basics of biochemistry in a fun, engaging format. The book even incorporates original songs, recordings, verses and links to more than 100 video lectures.

Supporting access to knowledge, they have developed a number of free open educational resources:  two online textbooks and three online courses. Open Educational Resources are freely accessible, openly licensed publications and media used for teaching, learning, educational, assessment and research purposes.

The Vice Provost Awards for Excellence recognize outstanding contributions by faculty and staff who significantly advance the OSU’s mission of outreach and engagement.

Making a Student working with faculty in labBetter World this Summer

The College of Science’s SURE Science program (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Science) is pleased to offer scholarships to the following undergraduate students for summer research projects. Students will work alongside faculty for  hands-on learning on specific research projects this summer. This is a great way to complement the academic classroom experience. Click here for more information.



Principal Investigator



Joshua Mutch

Janet Tate


Thermoelectric properties/Goldfieldite

Samuel Petshow

Bob Mason


Behavioral Fever/Snakes/Reproduction

Jamy Lee

Vincent Remcho


Photoreactivity of spiropyran

Xiao Chang

Michael Freitag

Biochemistry and Biophysics

Histones/Gene Silencing

Michelle Tan

Jane Ishmael

Biochemistry and Biophysics  – Pre-Pharmacy

Autophagy/coibamide A

Austin Arizala

Hiro Nonogaki

Biochemistry and Biophysics- Hort


Aaron Sugiyama

Tory Hagen

Biochemistry and Biophysics


Elliott Capek

Weihong Qui


Kif21A autoinhibition/Ocular disease

Brandon Wick

Brian Dolan


MHC-I/Ag presentation efficiency

Zachary Goode

Andy Karplus

Biochemistry and Biophysics

VitC/GULO mutations

Hannah Goelzer

Adrian Gombart

Biochemistry and Biophysics

PXR/CAR activation of cathelicidin

Reid Sweetkind

James Rivers


Swallor Development/Competition

Eli Perez

Brett Tyler


RxLR Motif function in cell entry

Brian Riggs

Paul Blakemore


Metal Ion Coord/’Side On’

Christopher Cohen

David Maddison


Beetle Taxonomy

Jacob Huegel

Colin Johnson

Biochemistry and Biophysics

Myoferlin/decrease in cell invasiveness

Xavier Gonzalez

Eli Meyer



Philip Nguyen

Paul Cheong


CompCH on semiconductors

Skylar Fuller

Jeff Chang (BPP)


R.fasciens/cytokinin/plant hormone

Cameron Thayer-Freeman

Bo Sun


Cell Migration/HeteroGradients

Way to go! College of Science majors received more than half of the funding awards for undergraduate research projects this summer. Thirteen of the 52 proposals submitted for Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Creativity awards were from science students. These awards support student involvement in scholarly pursuits with faculty during the summer for a compelling learning experience. Students can gain valuable insight into the process of creating knowledge that they might not get from classroom learning.Science internship

Congratulations to these science students and their faculty project advisors:

·         Jacob Busche, Physics major; University Honors College. Faculty Project Advisor: Oksana Ostroverkhova, Dept. of Physics, College of Science. “Charge Dynamics of Organic Semiconductors”

·         Kelsey Caples, Biochemistry and Biophysics major. Faculty Project Advisor: Viviana Perez, Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics, College of Science. “Effects of Rapamycin on Protein Aggregation”

·         Alysha Hartman, Biology major with Marine Biology option. Faculty Project Advisor: Debbie Mustacich, Linus Pauling Institute. “Mechanism of Increased Cisplatin Anti-Tumor Efficacy with Adjuvant Vitamin E”

·        Christina Law, General Science major, Pre-Pharmacy; University Honors College. Faculty Project Advisor: Theresa Filtz, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy. “Identifying Altered Signaling Pathways in Heart Cells from Mice with Congenital Heart Defects”

·         Samuel Petshow, Biology major. Faculty Project Advisor: Robert T. Mason, Dept. of Integrative Biology, College of Science.  “Behavioral Fever in Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis

·        Pascal Sanchez, General Science major. Faculty Project Advisor: Vincent Remcho, Dept. of Chemistry, College of Science. “Sodium Polyacrylate in Intentional Microfluidic Channels”

·        Isaac  Shepard , Biology major; University Honors College. Faculty Project Advisor: Mark Novak, Dept. of Integrative Biology, College of Science. “Using Stable Isotopes as a Measure of Interaction Strength”

More than 700 science students make dean’s honor roll this term

The College of Science is pleased to announce the Dean’s Honor Roll for the 2014 winter term.  These students must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and earn a 3.5 grade point average.

Congratulations to the following science students who have received this honor:


Biochemistry and Biophysics Pre-Professional Program
Garrett Krupp
Dmitriy Gennadye Bobrovnikov
Nicholas Arne Pihl
Scott Arthur Belozer
Evan J Firsick
Dalton Barret Justice
Oresta S Tolmach
Kelsey Marie Drewry
Deepthika Ennamuri
Grace Isabelle Judd
Jacob R Kaufman
Mahon Nick Khoshzaban
Demetri Zachary Stoumbos
Justin Xuan Zhang
Kurtis Roy Perkins
Caitlin Lum
Omar David Rachdi
Claire Beth Turina
Annika Jean Swanson
Emma Ann Krnacik
Edward Cho
Helen Tatiana Hobbs
Steven James Hartman
Emily Elizabeth Cade
Austin Alexander Arizala
Joshua T Baumgart
Grant Logan Howell
Daniel The Huynh
Griffin Gilmore Moser
Gavin Alexander Rodgers
Nicole Alexandra Sidebotham
Zhong Bin Chen
Victor M Tran
Maximilian Paradiz Dominguez
Elizabeth A Pendergrass
Emily Grace Neaves
Nathan Wallace Lee Stencel
Monica Boi Huynh
Aaron M Sugiyama
Nurhayati Wolfenden
Danelle Le Gault
Mu Feng
Sean Duncan McKinnon
Irene P Chau
Kimberly M Tran
Thinh Thein Tran
Garth L Kong
Blake Alexander Erickson
Isabella Claire Brink
Jordyn Marie Clarke
Arianna Maria Kahler-Quesada
Dominique Alexandra Leija
Quincy Michael Gill
Briyon Ashten Gregory
Andrew James Gardner
Zachary Hunter Goode
Brian Reed Josephson
Ivana Ngoc Dang
Cole Dean Ames
Christiana Mercedes Huss
Joely Franklin Hannan
Tanner James Grenz
Clara Francis Herbage
Alicia J Collier
Lubna Khan Biochemistry and Biophysics and Mathematics
Ellie Marie Gage
Ashley Leeann Nelsen
Kyle Thomas O Hara
Joshua Lynn Carpenter
Meesha Renay Pena
Jacob Alan Woods
William Wu
Ashleigh B Dietz
Kyle Michael Grech
Erik Paul Dove
Emily R Anderson
Clara Suzanne Weidman
Alixandre K Pruett
Sierra Beth Silver
Kevin H Behbahany
Dane Taylor Justice
Holly Elizabeth Anderson
Kimberly Alyse Britsch
Maria Elizabeth Lorenz
Sanjana Suresh Rao
Nicholas J Sanseri
Emily Joann Thompson
Rachel Jane Porter
Paul David Beard
Alexander Charles Carsh
Karin Lilly Collins
Yvonne Rose Couts
Amanda Megan Debois
Brian Nguyen Destine
Ellen Grace Dow
Jordan M Easton-Mace
Kellie Marie French
Bich Tram Vu Hoang
David Jacob Liebe
Braden Mattison
Ariana Marie Meltvedt
Kevin Alan Paternostro
Jaclyn Linnae Polich
Joseph Brian Pryor
Sarah Rim
Mckinley Skye Smith
Shelby Ann Stepper
Benjamin Brian Stubbs
Kelsi Jean Van Heise
Zachary Deacon Wallace
Austin Randolph Jones
Younghee Kim
Phillip Westly Lam
Aaron Joseph David
Eugene Austin Park
Victoria T Nguyen
Courtney Lynn Ellis
Carly Michelle Farr
Jayanthi Joanna Joseph
Allison Marie McClain
Megan Elizabeth Smith
Andrew James Henderson
Casey Wun Jing Young
Matthew Trung Hieu Ngo
Ataallah Sleiman Hijazi
Jason Dalton Mah
Meghan Marie Atkinson
Sidney Michelle Ebert
Georgeann Christina Booth
Eli Nathaniel Waddell
Stephani Sue Jirikovic
Kayla Nicole Haney
Kaitlin Rose Blacketor
Rebecca Defoe
George Brownell Pope
Koryn Amanda Leslie-Arcaya
Erica Jolyn Brannon
Evan Hunter Alldredge
Arielle Kathleen-Terra Frasher-Slavin
Mackenzie Paula Mason
Anne Elizabeth Claeys
Kayla Kristen Bird
Megan Elizabeth Guerre
Jesse Chen
Heather Rose Wisner
Renee H Kim
Kiana Leanne Murray
Chase Merz Hooper
Katherine Marie Eskridge
Rebecca Eleanor Guise
Sonal Anand
Alicia Elizabeth Atchison
Ellisa Rene Barr
Shashank P Bathula
Braylin R Billow
Tara Nicole Bonar
Amy Elizabeth Bortvedt
Alex N Cameron
Madison Marie Corbin
Elizabeth Renee Corvi
Sarah Elizabeth Darst
Jason Ryan Duval
Skylar Le Fuller
Rebecca Ann Gibbon
Avalon Kalika Mc Kune
Claire Alexand Ostertag-Hill
Samuel Adam Schimke
Sarah Marie Sherman
Claire Elizabeth Skach
Tony Noy Sonphommasith
Sarah Elizabeth Spangler
Benjamin Nathan Spearing
Jessica Leigh Thornton
Stephanie Anne Zhao
Tyler Jeffrey Collins
Daniel Phillip Wood
Justin Henry Harris
Michael Patrick-Gillil Mason
Mackenzie Allan Smith
Matthew Wallace Johnson
Matthew Thomas-Chun Kim
Vivian Virginia Sobol
Kristi Lee Knoll
Kaitlynn Rae Rice
Reid S Sweetkind
Keith Robert Messenger
Tinh-An L Nguyen
Katherine Elizabeth Crooks
Isaac Daniel Shepard
Eric Luther Sorenson
Haley Anne Casebier
Emily Renee Reynolds
Kelsey Mariah Marshall
Zahra Mohammad A Alnaser
Haley C Van Volkenburg
Robert A Vernazza
Ryan Daniel Powell
Erin Elizabeth Morrison
Josie C Dietel
Matthew Stephen Fast
Jacob Ross Tepper
Bobby Gailon Sensenbach
Marybeth Elise Forslund
David Ding-Fu Tam
Jacob Daniel Hartung
William Hans Tannler
Natalie Brooke Coleman
Melissa Marie Kerkelis
Josue O Gonzalez Pena
Aditya Atkuru
Sarah L Heidmann
Haripriya Prakash
Himanshu Prakash
Alisha Marie Gaffney
Kaitlin Marie Lebon
Sophie Amelia Means
Taylor John Barnes
Jaime M Wright
Taylor Michelle Bean
Jordan Emalee Valentine
Christina Bui
Christie Nguyen Le
Leanna Meagan Williams
Mikayla Marie Kelly
Shelby Lynn Stewart
Kathryn Anne Hampton-Wonder
Emily Brooke Mcgaffey
Rachael Francesca Ryner
Andrea Villalpando
Nicole Shahrzad Zavoshy
Amy Elizabeth Bower
Paige Marie Foster
Dylan Lucas Dean
Tristan Marie Retzlaff
Aaron John Troxell
Vanessa Kristelle Kehdi
Grant Christian Burns
Zachary Martin Konkel
Jason Rene Hernandez
Melissa Linn Britsch
Fares Basel Salem
Alan Francis Bienvenida
Emily Rosemarie Johnson
Alicia Vera Stewart
David Lynn Hubert
Chen Oshri
Carrie Christine Weekes
Kais Abdul Saradi
Yu Wang
Hamza Moulvi
Kyle Andrew Peterson
Stephanie Linn Merhoff
Kody Quentin Osborne
Stephanie Keiko Bellinghausen
Annie Mckenzie Govig
Lyndi-Rae Elisabeth Petty
Elaine Sim
Douglas Scott Holman
Swechya Banskota
Alden Edward Durrant
Jerome John Lux
Peter Bao Phuc Hong
Ibrahim Moussaoui
Brianna Leigh Dorr
Mackenzie Bee Trzil
Yuting Tang
Landon Paul Falke
Demitria E Butler
Chae Ryung Chon
Stanley D Feng
Melanie E Katsura
Murdock Aaron Millwood
Sam Austin Reeves
Ryan Campbell Sawelson
Anamaria Schier
Mario Zivanovic
Chelsea Taylor Chan
Janet Helena Ferguson
Jason Matthew Foss
Michael Quinn DeYoung
Samuel Jefferson Field
Joel Adriance Johnstun
Matthew Thomas Staropoli
Minwoong Na
Maggie Kay Collins
Sang J Lee
Carrie Anne Griffith
Francois J Schneyder
David Logan August Raffety
Kecia Jones
Shannon Rose Christie Kieran
Drew Michael Van Anrooy Biology and Chemistry
Hannah Taylor Huntington
Chadd Armstrong
Brandice Wray Durfee
Michael Jeffrey Jagielski
Thu M Pham
Joshua Aaron Holmes
Halley Lynne Todd
Michael Paul Hughes
Reid Willis Kinser
John Elliott Hergert
Jacob D Ramsey
Karen Zhilin Zhen
Jamy Lee
Allie Marie Schultz
Lindsey Robin Michaud
Dang Alvin Nguyen
Chen Xian Ng
Elizabeth Marie Gass
Abigail Chitwood
Kenneth Tucker Stout
Sarah Jane Melancon
Dakota Russell Backus
Robert James Figura
Andrea T Domen
Tora Jean Cobb
Corinne Nicole Brucks
Jason William Sandwisch
Erin Rozell Hanson
Kristin Cassidy Potter
Dallas Edward Niemeyer
Tony Duong
Tianqi Zhang
Shan Summer Lansing
Monica Jean Mueller
Gary Lee Points Chemistry and Biology
General Science
Justin Dale Schaffer Pre-Pharmacy
Cole P Meier Pre-Pharmacy
George Watson Pre-Pharmacy
Katherine Jane Rowland Pre-Pharmacy
Marcus Roman Kwong Pre-Dental
Kelli Ann Kronsberg Pre-Pharmacy
Conner S Neal Pre-Physical Therapy
Mandilyn Suzuki Pre-Physical Therapy
Rebecca Anne West Pre-Pharmacy
Kathryn Virginia Lusby Pre-Pharmacy
Stephanie Diane Long Pre-Physical Therapy
Eric Brandon Allard Pre-Physician Assistant
Brianna Nicole Crisman Pre-Physician Assistant
Nadine Elizabeth Poje Pre-Optometry
Jared Daniel Schaefer Pre-Physician Assistant
Joshua Tyler Ryman Pre-Pharmacy
Mikayla C Ayala Pre-Dental
Tylor Daniel Brekke Pre-Dentistry
Trey Austin Davenhill Pre-Pharmacy
Calan David Eyler Pre-Pharmacy
Audrey L Hudson Pre-Optometry
Khanh Quoc Huynh Pre-Dentistry
Jennifer Shan-Shan Hwee Pre-Physician Assistant
Paul Martin Kirse Pre-Pharmacy
Katie Joy Larue Pre-Pharmacy
Samantha Joanne Lund Pre-Physician Assistant
Mitchell E Mc Leod Pre-Pharmacy
Amber Marie Meier Pre-Pharmacy
Addison Joseph Pang Pre-Pharmacy
Henry James Rogers Pre-Education
Sarah Elizabeth Seals Pre-Dentistry
Christina Truong Pre-Dentistry
Katherine Marie Zuber Pre-Physician Assistant
Jennifer Jin Hee Kim Pre-Pharmacy
Jenny M Chan Pre-Pharmacy
Shawn Chan Pre-Pharmacy
John Patrick White Pre-Pharmacy
Carson Victor Jones Pre-Pharmacy
Sarah Nichole Fulkerson Pre-Physician Assistant
Paul Nkemontoh Pre-Physician Assistant
Tony Bui Pre-Dentistry
Grant Philip Sommer Pre-Physical Therapy
Chris Omar Jamus Pre-Optometry
Riley William Protz Pre-Pharmacy
Megan Nicole Eckrich Pre-Pharmacy
Samantha Grace Olson Pre-Pharmacy
Bianca Gabrielle Franco Gille Pre-Pharmacy
Thach Ho Nguyen Pre-Physician Assistant
Maria Ann Thacker Pre-Pharmacy
Sean Michael Pearson Pre-Dentistry
Brett A Nibler Pre-Pharmacy
Lauren Rachel Card Pre-Nursing
Emily Nicole Hull Pre-Pharmacy
Jiten Jaylesh Patel Pre-Dentistry
Austin Jay Landreville Pre-Pharmacy
Luke Gradon Cutting Pre-Pharmacy
Tiana N Tynes Pre-Pharmacy
Nicholas Prescott Ahn Pre-Dentistry
Samantha R Ayala Pre-Dentistry
Emily N Berning Pre-Physician Assistant
Frederique Josee Blouin Pre-Pharmacy
Yi Ling Dorcas Cheung Pre-Pharmacy
Miriam M Drummond Pre-Physician Assistant
Kara Lynn Fikso Pre-Pharmacy
Anne M Goodell Pre-Pharmacy
Emily Megan Ironside Pre-Physical Therapy
Katherine Elizabeth Janssen Pre-Pharmacy
Linaria Kitchen Pre-Pharmacy
Kelsey Marie Oliver Pre-Nursing
Catherine Ann Quisling Pre-Education
Barbara May Sinclair Pre-Nursing
Charlotte Ann Soderberg Pre-Pharmacy
Craig T Ulrich Pre-Optometry
Britniann Lee Ward Pre-Nursing
James Edward Watkins Pre-Pharmacy
Katy Ann Murphy Pre-Nursing
Ada Su Li Pre-Pharmacy
Tri Gia Tran Pre-Pharmacy
John Yu Pre-Dentistry
Allen Quoc Nguyen Pre-Pharmacy
Emily Suzanne Fisher Pre-Nursing
Xiuyi Zhang Pre-Pharmacy
Thuy T Dang Pre-Pharmacy
Huong Thu Duong Pre-Pharmacy
Shannon Danette Morhain Pre-Physician Assistant
Lauren Marie Cronk Pre-Pharmacy
Kali Marie Burkhardt Pre-Pharmacy
Nhan Van Ngo Pre-Pharmacy
Chelsea Kae McVay Pre-Physician Assistant
Meena Anne Rockney Pre-Nursing
Joseph Omar Jamus Pre-Dentistry
Shivani Pradip Patel Pre-Dentistry
Karishma Mukesh Patel Pre-Dentistry
Sharon Hung Fang Wu Pre-Pharmacy
Jian Yang Zhao Pre-Pharmacy
Joseph Martin Bochsler Pre-Physical Therapy
Kevin Randolph Lloyd Pre-Pharmacy
Thomas M Lucas IV Pre-Optometry
Alexandria Akemi Carlyle Pre-Dentistry
Pascal Tomas Dana Sanchez Pre-Pharmacy
Bryce Nile Downen Pre-Physical Therapy
Brian Charles Albrecht Pre-Pharmacy
Taylor Austin Ellson
Marius Ibuye Pre-Pharmacy
Julie Ann Jackson Pre-Physical Therapy
Cate Zara Wrege Pre-Optometry
Cynthia Wong Pre-Pharmacy
Taylor Jordan Roemelt Pre-Dentistry
Anna Gabrielle Brecheisen Pre-Pharmacy
Marina K Nimmo Pre-Dentistry
Margaret Mc Kenzie Yahn Pre-Pharmacy
Emma Holly Redwine-Hixson Pre-Pharmacy
Jenny Ngoc Nguyen Pre-Pharmacy
Jay Yan Pre-Pharmacy
Wei Ming Zhang Pre-Pharmacy
Amy Michelle Threlkel Pre-Dentistry
Brett James Ebert Pre-Pharmacy
Mahmoud A Hassanyn Pre-Pharmacy
Amjad Hasan Abdelrasul Pre-Pharmacy
Joel Donald Bowen Pre-Optometry
Morgan Alyse Carlile Pre-Dentistry
Kiana S Pinawin Pre-Pharmacy
Karina Nguyen Destine Pre-Pharmacy
Alaine Tay Shomali Pre-Dentistry
Wen C Wu Pre-Pharmacy
Jamie S Kwon Pre-Pharmacy
Miranda Sarah Don Raw Pre-Pharmacy
Nicholas Tai Tri Nguyen Pre-Pharmacy
Jordan Keiser Feist Pre-Pharmacy
Tanner Hobie Seal Pre-Dentistry
Lisa U Mah-Park Pre-Pharmacy
Samuel Patrick Donald Hoffman Pre-Pharmacy
Ronald Duy Le Pre-Dentistry
Clare Marie Amsberry Pre-Nursing
Stephanie Leigh Blank Pre-Occupational Therapy
Monica Guadalupe Marquez Pre-Pharmacy
Chau Minh Vo Pre-Pharmacy
Eileen Wang Pre-Pharmacy
Sarah Ann Fortner Pre-Physical Therapy
Steven Lorenzen Pre-Physician Assistant
Ashley Marie Leina’ala Juan Pre-Pharmacy
Geoffrey Thomas Houf Pre-Dentistry
Soren Thomas White Pre-Pharmacy
Frances Joy Merriam Pre-Nursing
Kourtney L Luu Pre-Pharmacy
Hai Dao Pre-Pharmacy
Mandy Liu Pre-Pharmacy
Madison Elizabeth Bean Pre-Pharmacy
Malia Chui Lan Meyer Pre-Pharmacy
Karli Lynn Gabica Pre-Optometry
Nathanielle Louise Blouin Pre-Pharmacy
Brett Christopher Cowden Pre-Physical Therapy
Taylor R Frank Pre-Pharmacy
Carly Jacalyn Gostanian Pre-Pharmacy
Kinsey Evelyn Matthews Pre-Pharmacy
James Sonu Pre-Pharmacy
Madison Anne Jackson Pre-Nursing
Kim Ann Tran Pre-Pharmacy
Megan Marie Holeman Pre-Nursing
Anne G Phan Pre-Pharmacy
Alexander Michael Zuk Pre-Dentistry
Abigail Jane Collins Pre-Pharmacy
Zachary James Aalberg Pre-Pharmacy
Emily Grace Johnson Pre-Pharmacy
Quang Tran Pre-Pharmacy
Anna Ruth Schwam Pre-Dentistry
Mariah A Crannell Pre-Nursing
Holly Nicole Phillips Pre-Nursing
Brandi Marie Mahoe Pre-Pharmacy
Shazeya L Galligan Pre-Physical Therapy
Donald Scott Slusarenko Pre-Medicine
Timothy James Herd
Michael Gerry Donatz
Daniel Sean Takamori
Jessica Scott Armstrong
Antonio Christopher DiMicco
Johnathan Ryan Van Why
Sara Michelle Bowers
Michael D Hill
Ryan Andrew Melson
Danielle Elizabeth Donley
Brandon James Johnson
Rachel Marie Schmitz
Samantha Bruno
Lucas Wolf Estabrook
Lida Marie La Velle Means
Lysandra Jade Rudd
Savanna Lynn Szeimies
Jennifer Geeun Kwon
Alejandra Mendoza
Nathan James Launchbury
Taylor L Shields
David John Meehan
William Joel Kekaim Reynolds
Peter Oden Kagey
Kori Kim Harumi Nishitomi
Paul Gabriel Duffin
Miranda Kathryn Leatherman
James Alexander Rekow
Bryant Thomas Rominger
Cassandra Alana Stoddard
Elyse Miren Lipke
Kevin Allen Zerzan
Amparo Mata
Josephine Atsuko Sechrist
Bryan Miles Wynn
Tomoki Abe
Torrance J Lopez
Kevin Charles Nickerson
Marianna J You
Benjamin James Asay
Erin Mae Wallman
Bin Zhang
Marin Nicole Johnson
Celeste Michele Wong
Sydney Erin Leibl
Elisa Susan Olds
Ji Young Park
Joshua Edwin Novak 
William Lee Burgess
Louis Nguyen
Heema Kumud Shah
Joshua Michael Mellander
Erik Marc Wilson
John Paul Angeles Sacdal
Charlie T Ta
Kc Diane Taylor
Mercedes Marie Choi
Sanja Ognjenovic
Allison Joan Schue
Tiffany Alexis Soto
Tracy To Trieu
Navid Rodd Ziaie
Bo Ram Park
Robert Hardie Mills
Travis Tuan Tang
Michelle Marie Nguyen
Maria Margret Herbison
Emma Corinne Mc Guiness
Jeremy Vernon Northway
Logan Michael Greydanus
Christina Valerie Vieru
Peter Eleutherius Baglien
Hatai Jivagunchainan
Andrew Allen Molitor
Casey Louise Aaby
Tanvi Batish
Adrianna Sharell Davis
Rochelle Christine Glover
Cheyeon J Lee
Madison Mae Messmer
William Gordon Valiant
Christina Luong Chac
Sammi Chen
Brandon Wick
John William Harris
Marcus Andrew Weinman
Hoang Nguyen Huy Ho
Talia Avigail Helman
Vickie Penghsiung
Vanlena Victoria Le
Justin Daniel Frost
Amanda Catherine Tep
Mai-Yee H Yuan
Andrew Josef Janik
Virginia Claire Pritchard
Evan Patrick Hoffart
Jonathan Jade Diaz-Hui
Anita Marla Jong
Matthew Taylor Newman
Brennen Richard Tucker
Christina E Cheon
Payton Stovall Hermanson
Olivia Elaine Kramer
Eli Dennis Perez
Kaitlyn Nicole Wells
Hailey Alexandria Trotter
Audrey Nicole Reeves
Frances Eleanor Payne
Andre Hoa To
Alex That Ton
Patrick Che Jung Rim
Sophia Lee Hoang
Eric J Fritz
Chloe C Villagomez
Benjamin Jeremiah Walsh
James Alexander Frank
Karly Ann Nadbornik
Maria Grazia D’Angelo
Emaan Munir Khan
Amandip Singh
Emily Joanne Lawrence
Adam Harrison Tamura
Lauren Kareen Donovan
Gary Matthew Jimmerson
Elyssa Lee Armstrong
Imee Faye Mangubat
Steven Lee Hubbs
Christina Jane Schock
Scott Ryan Best Microbiology and Chemistry
Natalie Ann Rohlfs
Alexander Joseph Poff
Joshua Caleb Mutch
Michael A Perlin
Teala R Wallenmeyer
Zachariah Robert Wood
Alec Joesph Studier
Kristen S Gulick
Rebecca Leiko Lee
Marie Christine Enger
Natassia Danielle Haller
Collin Jeffrey Peterson
Alexander E Soohoo-Hui
Christopher Michael Cohen
Kathleen Renee Collier
Brian Anthony Head Pre-Vet Medicine
Elizabeth G Graham-Williams
Katie S Nye Pre-Vet Medicine
Mattson Thomas Thieme
Lindsay Rochelle Mc Afee
Katherine Alyssa Rudie Pre-Vet Medicine
Camille Charlotte Goblet
Katherine Elizabeth Low
Jocelyn Elizabeth Powell
Sara Louise Orofino
Scott Howard Hutchings
Ellie Renee Bohrer Pre-Vet Medicine
John Evan Klein Pre-Vet Medicine
Samuel Joseph Kowash
Dalton Riley Mc Cuen
Samuel Thomas Mc Lain
Madeleine Paige Moran
Mitchell John Senger
Linda May Yang
Jacob Anthony Busche
Kelsey Ann Woolsey Pre-Vet Medicine
Andrew Harrison Schlueter Pre-Vet Medicine
Camille Marie Moyer
Payton Marie Hummell
Ellen Laurel Zeleznik
Marley Alexis Chou
Ashley Evelina Comerfield
David Jefferson Smith Pre-Vet Medicine
Lauren Nicole Gentle Pre-Vet Medicine
Nikita Devin Best
Helen Buckskin Cutting
Karla Surae Broderson Pre-Vet Medicine
Aaron Philip Carlson
Jared L Cayton
Molly Ellaine Cordell
Shawn Maureen Clayton
Cameron James Johnson
Jesse Christopher Hanson
Samantha Rose Erwin Pre-Vet Medicine
Monica Lynn Anderson
Daniel Comer Stewart
Julianne Marie Gurnee
Michael Brawner
Bridget Helen Regan
Jessica Marie Jones
Anais Elysia Thomquist
Teresa J Peterson
Kjerstine Karianna Crowder
Taylor-Nicol Audie Custer
Lindsey Grace Ferguson Pre-Vet Medicine
London Taylor Milnes
Brooke Nicole Barlow Pre-Vet Medicine
Jeremy J Rath
Karandeep Singh Cheema
Elliott L Capek Physics and Biochemistry and Biophysics
Grant Jordan Sherer Physics and Mathematics
Dillon Jeffrey Paul Rhoades Physics and Mathematics
Connor Patrick Bice Physics and Mathematics
John Andrew Baldwin Physics and Mathematics
Teala R Wallenmeyer
Zachariah Robert Wood
Kristen S Gulick
Marie Christine Enger
Collin Jeffrey Peterson
Alexander E Soohoo-Hui
Christopher Michael Cohen
Kathleen Renee Collier
Brian Anthony Head
Lindsay Rochelle Mc Afee
Katherine Alyssa Rudie
Katherine Elizabeth Low
Sara Louise Orofino
Ellie Renee Bohrer
John Evan Klein
Madeleine Paige Moran
Linda May Yang
Kelsey Ann Woolsey
Andrew Harrison Schlueter
Camille Marie Moyer
Payton Marie Hummell
Ellen Laurel Zeleznik
Lauren Nicole Gentle
Helen Buckskin Cutting
Karla Surae Broderson
Aaron Philip Carlson
Molly Ellaine Cordell
Shawn Maureen Clayton
Cameron James Johnson
Samantha Rose Erwin
Monica Lynn Anderson
Julianne Marie Gurnee
Michael Brawner
Bridget Helen Regan
Teresa J Peterson
Kjerstine Karianna Crowder
Lindsey Grace Ferguson
London Taylor Milnes
Brooke Nicole Barlow
Natalie Ann Rohlfs
Alec Joesph Studier
Rebecca Leiko Lee
Natassia Danielle Haller
Elizabeth G Graham-Williams
Katie S Nye
Camille Charlotte Goblet
Jocelyn Elizabeth Powell
Marley Alexis Chou
Ashley Evelina Comerfield
David Jefferson Smith
Jessica Marie Jones