Fact sheets and publications on managing and preventing pests. These can be used to educate and inform teachers, school staff, students, and parents.

Small Ants (.PDF)

Bed Bugs (.PDF)

Bees (.PDF)

Birds (nuisance birds) (.PDF)

Cats (free-roaming cats) (.PDF)

Drain Flies (.PDF)

Food in the Classroom (.PDF)

Head Lice (.PDF)

House Mouse (.PDF)

House Mouse (more comprehensive, detailed information)(.PDF)

Mosquitos (.PDF)

Outdoor Mammals

Pest-proofing Before a School Break (.PDF)

Spiders (.PDF)

Spiders (more comprehensive, detailed information) (.PDF)

Turf Pests

Wasps (common wasps) (.PDF)

Yellowjackets and Paper Wasps (more comprehensive, detailed information) (.PDF)


“Most pests need food, water and shelter.  Reduce these and you reduce pests.”

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