Swope, Rodante P.A. is committed to rewarding those students who go out of their way to help others, it is our hope that upon completion of their education these students will continue giving back to the community. In support of these students Swope, Rodante P.A.awards $5,000 in higher education scholarships annually.


  • Applicants must be a student in good standing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, seeking either an undergraduate degree or advanced degree at an accredited institution of higher education within the United States.
  • Essay of up to 1,500 words answering the following question:
    • How does your field of study positively impact the lives of people with a disability?

Deadline June 15

For more information on how to apple, please visit their site


Through affiliate organizations (WGA and Asparagus Club) in addition to Foundation efforts, NGA’s Research and Education Foundation awards a number of annual scholarships for students planning a career in the grocery industry. The goal of the scholarship program is to enhance the future of the grocery industry by investing in the education of individuals who are pursuing a career in the industry.


  • Minimum required GPA of 2.5
  • A one-page personal statement explaining your scholarship qualifications. Tell us about scholastic achievements, leadership awards, extracurricular activities, personal stories, as well as your intent to pursue a career in the independent sector of the grocery industry.
  • A letter of recommendation from a sponsor in the grocery industry or faculty member.
  • A college/university transcript (official or unofficial).

Deadline: June 14th

To find out more about these scholarship, please visit their site http://www.nationalgrocers.org/education-research/foundation/scholarships

Healthline is proud to be awarding two $10,000 scholarships to students enrolled in graduate school for the Fall Semester. While we aim to educate on all things health and wellness, we have especially strong bonds with several health condition communities. Type 2 Diabetes affects almost 30 million people in the U.S. alone, and diabetes is growing at epidemic rates worldwide. We’re looking for people who are in some way connected to type 2 diabetes and want to use their advanced degree to help make the world a stronger, healthier place, whether as an advocate, resource, or part of the healthcare industry itself.

As part of the application process, you will be required to upload answers to 3 essay questions that describe how you are committed to one of Healthline’s core values, how you are connected to type 2 diabetes, and how you will use your education to impact the community.


  • Enrolled in an accredited U.S. graduate program for Fall 2017
  • Current U.S. resident
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 from most recent transcript
  • Demonstrate leadership and community involvement
  • Demonstrate a connection to type 2 diabetes

Deadline: June 20th

For more information on how t apply, please visit their site http://www.healthline.com/health/scholarship-program

QED Financial is currently accepting nationwide scholarship applications. Applicants must submit an original essay telling why you should receive this scholarship in 1000 words or less.


  • This scholarship is open to both full and part-time students who are attending universities, colleges, and other academic institutions across the United States.
  • All majors and graduate fields will be considered.

Deadline: June 1st

For more information, please visit their site https://www.qedfinancialsystems.com/scholarship/

In this spirit of advocacy, we created the Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville Child Empowerment Scholarship program. We hope to embolden and give support to those who choose a path that assists children in living happier and healthier lives.


  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate college or university and will continue enrollment for the next academic year or are applying to enroll at an undergraduate college or university for the next academic year.
  • Must have a verifiable 3.25 GPA or higher to be eligible.
  • Submit a 500-700 word essay to the following prompt: “How do you plan to leverage your education to empower children to live healthier, happier lives”

Deadline June 1

For more information on how to apply, please visit their site


“Please submit an essay (1000 word minimum) detailing why you want to be an entrepreneur, as well as a creative photo that you feel represents you best.”


  • Must be attending a two year community college or a four year accredited university
  • Must be a U.S. resident
  • Minorities are encouraged to apply

Deadline: June 1st

For more information, please visit their site https://titanwebagency.com/scholarship/

Dr. Kurt Black, the founder of Timberhill Dental, is a strong advocate of staying active in the local community.  In this spirit of community support, he has created the Timberhill Dental Community Star Scholarship program. And you don’t have to be a local of Corvallis, OR! Anyone that meets the eligibility requirements can apply for this scholarship by describing how a college education will help them bring positive change to the health of their local community.

“If you had the ability to change the health of your local community in one positive way, what would it be?”


  • Anyone applying to enroll at a college or university for the next academic year, or anyone currently enrolled in a college or university that will continue enrollment for the next academic year.
  • To be considered, applicants must have a 3.25 GPA or higher. (Please provide a valid transcript).
  • No major requirement

Deadline June 1

For more information, please visit their site http://www.timberhilldental.com/community-star-scholarship/

Applicant must also be majoring in human biology, chemistry, anatomy, or related sciences major working toward a degree.

What branch of science are you most interested in pursuing a career in and how do you feel like you will contribute to the medical field?”


  • Applicant must currently be enrolled at an accredited college or university in the United States.

Deadline: June 30th

For more information on how to apple, please visit their site https://www.davidghozland.com/about-us/scholarship-program/

The LGBT Rights Scholarship provided by Simpli Pleasure honors students courage in the face of adversity and discrimination by awarding $1,000 – $1,500 individual grants to LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and ally) activists who have transformed their experiences with bigotry and discrimination into opportunities to inspire others by taking action, rallying support, building community, and working to change the systems and institutions that impact their lives.


  • Applicant shall be at least 18 years of age and be accepted to and/or attending a full-time higher education program at an accredited institution of learning.
  • Applicant must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA based on the previous year’s academic performance.
  • The winning applicant will be mailed a W9 tax form that must be completed. Upon return of the W9 form, the scholarship winner will be mailed a check. Any taxes incurred from the award are fully the responsibility of the winning candidate

Deadline: June 30th

For more information on how to apply, please visit their site https://www.simplipleasure.com/pages/lgbt-rights-scholarship

Luna Regina is a blog that promotes health, balance, and happiness to individuals and families. We are committed to making wholesome eating and living an easier option for everyone by introducing smart kitchen tools and gadgets to support the choice.

“Why is a healthy diet important?”


  • The applicant must, on the scholarship result date, be enrolled in a two year or four year college program. College students from all fields of studies, departments, nationalities are welcome.

Deadline: June 30th

For more information on how to apply, please visit their site http://lunaregina.com/scholarship/