Clackamas County Farm Bureau is proud to announce its 2017 scholarship program. Scholarships are available to any Clackamas County high school graduate, current county resident, or prior recipient pursuing a career in agriculture or a related field at a two- or four-year institution of higher learning. Scholarships will be awarded between $500 and $3,000 per recipient. A total of $15,000 will be awarded this year. “Farm Bureau is proud to support Oregon students interested in agriculture,” said Tom Winterrowd, scholarship coordinator for Clackamas County Farm Bureau. “Today’s students are the future of Oregon’s family farming and ranching community.”
Deadline: March 15th

Check out their website to see if you qualify for any of their scholarships

1) Choose a leader from past or present and explain why you admire them.

2) State and defend your stance on social media’s influence on current events.

3) Tell us about a time you disagreed with a person of authority and how you handled it.

4) Describe a time when you gave something your all and failed. What did you learn from it?

5) If you had to choose between education and experience, which would you choose and why?


  • Currently a full time student or will be this coming fall as defined by your college or university.
  • A degree seeking student (Associate, Bachelor, etc.)
  • A U.S. citizen and legal resident of the state of North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Virginia or active duty military or dependent currently stationed in those states.
  • The school/program you wish to or are attending is nationally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Deadline: March 31st

For more information on how to apply, please visit their site

This scholarship will be awarded to two different international students during the spring. The finalists and winners will be featured in the spring issue of ISV Magazine.


  • International student
  • Students can be part time or full time, undergraduate, graduate, or PhD seeking
  • 1-2 page essay
    • There has been confusion and hurt feelings about recent immigration news in the United States. As a current international student, what are your thoughts? What would you tell someone who is thinking about studying in the United States?

Deadline March 19

For more information on how to apply, please visit their site International Student Voice

The Far West Agribusiness Association scholarship program has been designed to provide outstanding high school and collegiate undergraduate students with a chance to pursue their educational goals in college. There are two separate selection pools, one for graduating high school seniors and one for current college students. Scholarships are one year in length and will be awarded in various amounts up to (and not to exceed) $1,000 per student.


  • Any full-time student from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, or Nevada, and is pursuing an undergraduate degree from a college or university in the United States

Deadline: March 31

To find out more information and how to apply, please visit their site

Do you love creating beautiful living spaces? Are you considering a career in design? For the Dream Dorm Design Challenge, we want you to put your ideas into practice. Show us your creativity and design the room of your dreams!


  • A complete physical or digital rendering of your dream dorm room is to be
    submitted, including textile swatches, spatial plans, and a color scheme if
  • Submit your name, major area of study, and the college you attend.
  • An outline of the inspiration behind your design (100 to 300 words).
  • Briefly tell us what your career plans are both immediately following and
    5 years after graduation (100 to 300 words).

Deadline: March 31

To find out more information and how to apply, please visit their site

OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop offers scholarships for non-traditional women students.

Full-time students: $3,000

Part-time students: $1,500


  • Resident of Benton County, Linn County, or Monmouth or Independence in Polk County
  • U.S. citizen
  • Age 30 or older by due date
  • Enrolled at OSU in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Professional Degree Program

Deadline: March 27th

For more information on how to apply, please visit their site http//


INTO_Chinese Government Scholarship For American Students – UG & PG v3[6]



In order to promote the mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in various fields between China and other countries, the Chinese government has set up a series of scholarship programs to sponsor international students, teachers and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities. China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC), entrusted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China is responsible for the enrollment and the administration of Chinese Government Scholarship programs. INTO’s partner in China, Nankai University are now accepting CSC scholarship applications for their English medium graduate programs.


  • Only open for American Citizens (students can hold dual nationality but must use their valid American Passport to make the application)
  • Students must hold a Bachelor’s degree* and be under the age 35 years old.

What Graduate Programs are offered?

  • Masters International Economics and Business
  • Maters International Affairs and Public Policy

Both masters degrees are 2 years in duration and are taught in English.  Please see attached for more information on the individual programs.

Deadline to apply for academic offer: 17th March 2017 (students are required to first hold a valid offer from Nankai to study before they can apply for CSC scholarship)

Deadline for all additional CSC documents : 2nd April 2017

Please see attached PDF documents for more information


As criminal defense lawyers we believe that by furthering education in the community this can lead to decreasing criminal activity. In 1,000 words or less tell us the following:

  • Why you are interested in the law
  • Tell us about your favorite community involvement and why it was your favorite.
  • Explain how higher education can help reduce crime in our communities.


  • Undergraduate students who are attending an accredited university in the United States with an interest in law school
  • Current law school students that are attending an American Bar Association Accredited law school may also apply
  • Undergraduates that apply must have a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Law school students that apply must have a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Submit your most recent official college/high school transcript

Deadline: March 30th

For more information on how to apply, please visit their site