Every day, men and women in the military are making sacrifices for our country. And because of their sacrifices, and the sacrifices of veterans, all of us in the United States are freer and safer. At Low VA Rates, their mission is to give back to all those who have given so much for us. They want to do more than help veterans find comfortable, affordable homes; they also want to help them and their children live the American dream by getting college educations.


  • Must be a current college student in the military
  • No age requirement
  • If you are a young person with a mother or father serving in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, you are also eligible to apply

Deadline: January 1

To learn more, visit: https://militarymortgagecenter.com/military-scholarships/


CourtSystem.org is an avid supporter of the local community by making it easy for citizens of the United States to connect with representatives of their local courts and legal system. They intend on making a positive impact in the lives of our visitors both on and off the web by offering a scholarship.


  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Applicant must be 16 years or older
  • Must be either a senior in high school or currently enrolled in accredited institutions

Deadline: April/May 31

To learn more visit:http://www.courtsystem.org/

Cables and Sensors is proud to provide financial assistance to one lucky student. Students currently enrolled in programs related to the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare are welcome to apply by entering their email address and accomplishing the entry options listed. The awardee will be chosen at random.


  • Must be a legal U.S. resident or hold a valid student visa
  • Applicant must be 18 years or older
  • Student must be enrolled in or accepted to an undergraduate or graduate program related to fields of Health Sciences, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare at a U.S. university, college, or school.

Deadline: November 15th

To learn more: https://www.cablesandsensors.com/pages/scholarship

Education is vital for the young minds starting the businesses of tomorrow, and Closetbox wants to help keep bright young people in school through to the end with a financial boost. Thus, they have created the $5000 Closetbox Entrepreneur Scholarship.


  • Must be a current undergraduate college/university student in good standing with their institution
  • High school students and graduate students NOT ELIGIBLE
  • Must have demonstrable need (Do not apply if you already have a full ride, etc.)
  • Applicant must have an idea, invention, business, website, app, or the like that they have created as a functioning business, tool, application, blog, etc.

Deadline: December 1, 2016

To learn more about this scholarship, visit: https://www.closetbox.me/scholarship

The University Network believes that all students and educators should be aware of the Sustainable Development Goals, and thus have created this scholarship. There are winners every month.


  • Must be a current college student or a high school senior attending school in the United States, OR you may be an educator at any level teaching in the United States

Deadline: Entries considered monthly until July 2017

To find out more visit: http://www.tun.com/blog/sharetheglobalgoals-scholarship/

The Fitness Writing Scholarship is designed to help each and every student reach their full potential academically. It can also go some way to help them make ends meet during difficult times.


  • Students who are currently enrolled full-time in universities, colleges or alumni
  • Currently residing in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, South Korea or Canada
  • Address of the Financial Aid Office is required
  • Student identification number from your college is required

Deadline: October 25th

For more information on applying, please visit their site http://garagegymplanner.com/scholarship/