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Existentialism is the idea that life is without any true meaning or purpose beyond simply existence.  And, that the only thing that can be defined as truth is one’s individual experience, emotions, or perceptions.

For me, existentialism embodies my understanding of the world from a scientific perspective.  It is not hard to be immersed in a natural setting, watching the cycle of life, death, and birth and not realize that we are bound by the same natural laws and that the life of a squirrel as it is snapped up and consumed by a predator is no more or less valuable than the life of any other creature. 

Existentialists, such as Albert Camus described, expresses I think the basic premise for this.  We live, we struggle.  Our struggle holds no meaning except that which we ascribe to it.  That any task that we pursue is futile in the face of death. 

Then, we die.  Morbid, I know.  But, the struggle is its own truth….and meaning is our own.

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One Response to “Conceptual Precis X – Existentialism”

  1. Existance can’t be the meaning of life as life is being created by meaning .. and life itself creates meaning for further life. We dunno how life and existence started and thus we can’t say we know what’s the meaning of it. The lifes we live are simply a tool for that meaning that created it to begin with, or perhaps a circle that repeat itself in a limits we can’t grasp.

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