Importance of a Sales Funnel For Your Business

July 20, 2018

Having a sales funnel in some capacity is essential for any business whether they operate online or offline. Brining potential customers (called leads) into the fold on a consistent basis that you can then market and promote your products/services to over time (with the hopes to turning potential customers into long term customers) is essential for any business. Without a process in place that is continuously being optimized and tested to maximize value from each customer, then the business is severely limited in expanding its revenues and is leaving most of its potential earnings on the table. Generating traffic towards your opt-in pages or squeeze pages is also vital for the business, but actually having a place to send that traffic other than a direct checkout page and being able to market to the traffic for an extended period of time is essential to any growing business in 2018.

If you plan on succeeding and growing revenues in the current online business climate, then you need a well executed and optimized sales funnel. It’s a no brainer – why would you leave potential 100% ROI projects on the table when you have the opportunity to be easily implemented right in front of you?

Using a platform such as ClickFunnels which allows you to setup pages for a funnel on the front end and market towards your main customer base in the backend (through methods such as direct mail and email marketing) can be wildly profitable for your business and is an insanely useful tool. It comes with tons of features which allow you to test and optimize a sales funnel to increase conversions on lead generation and sales – vital metrics for an online business. I definitely recommend you check out ClickFunnels if you’re looking to make money online and expand business capabilities 10 fold. Knowing how much a potential customer is worth (and working on increasing that number in the long run), and then working with the platform to decrease the cost you pay to obtain that customer (using highly optimized tools to better your sales funnel) is an amazing technological feature that can allow a company to hack it’s growth formula and blow up revenues exponentially!