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Chapter 25

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Where’ve I been? Out RIDING !!

Friday August 13, 2010

Dear Faithful Readers,

Sorry to have been away so long, but… A lot has happened since Chapter 23 or last May. Number one. The rusty Triumph from Kentucky runs fantastically!! The DMV gave me a title and a license plate and I have been off to the races ever since – Even tonight! I just returned from a round trip to Lebanon Oregon’s Willamette Speedway where the West Cost Flat Track Asso has its annual race on the 1/3 mile dirt. Guess what? No Vintage British bikes this year. RipOFF…

Well, I can’t complain – My little sweetheart ran perfectly in the 90+ degree heat, drew quite a crowd (as has become the norm at most motorcycle events) and it was an entirely satisfying evening – Even without the display of my high school heroes tearing sideways on their stripped-down, souped-up Triumphs, Nortons and BSAs

Here’s my story since I left you in May.

The beautiful red tank split in half on the way home on the first long ride. The seller welded it and added sealer, only to have it begin leaking again – so I took it back to him with a very polite ‘shove it’ and installed the waxed, plain steel Sportster tank shown below (I hate it – I have a well deserved abhorrence to all things chopper – but most folks think it’s just awesome).

Li'l RedHot w/ the waxed steel Sportster tank

In the meantime, I’m keeping my eye out for a Trackmaster tank – Help me if you will. I know the style is only slightly different and shouldn’t matter – but to me it does, and I hate my current tank – help me find a Trackmaster like this:

So… Where’ve I been? Everywhere… I ride it one mile to work and back every day. I’ve been on Club Rides. I’ve taken it to the top of Mary’s Peak (Corvallis Oregon – If you have a motorcycle – that is a MUST ride). Unbelievable as you might think, Linda got on the back and we zoomed off to Lewisburg Saddle, got off and hiked through the old-growth forest. My bike is 43 years old, made up entirely of eBay parts, very few of them new and therefore I am certain it’s going to break down or blow up any second – So I’m reluctant to take to very far from home. But… It has never given me a lick of trouble – always starts on the second kick, and while I’ve never had it above 75mph, there is no sensation in my entire experience that can compare to the feeling I get powering out of a tight corner. Wow! Did I mention the way it sounds? Simply fantastic !!

Now… What about the 650 Triumph I took to the Mechanic up the road May 2009? Good question… He still has it!! Or at least he SAYS he still has it. I call him about once a month and each time it’s the same – he says he has a couple of bikes he just HAS to get out this weekend and then he’s going to gather up my parts and start working on my bike.  While I’ve seen his work and it’s quite good, and… he has a reputation for taking a LONG time, I bet this is going to end up in court. He has a lot of my money and he has my property. I will have to take action soon. But that’s another chapter.

Meantime… Know I’m enjoying the heck out of this unlikely motorcycle – a year ago I couldn’t even get the rusty motor apart and now I have this amazing, very cool thing. The rusty Triumph from Kentucky has new life as my Li’l RedHot.

More in due time.

Peace-Out Hippies

Here’s my latest find :


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  1.   Andy G Says:

    Glad to see you’re still happy with the bike and still “working with” the mechanic up the road to get what’s yours!

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