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Chapter 20

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The Big Put-Together

Mar. 1, 2010

OK, I don’t know what I may have done to deserve this, but it can’t be fair. Sure, I give the illusion of being a friendly, good-guy, but those (few women) who really know me well, know there is no way I deserve this my fun and joy.


I am having such a good time, it’s beyond what I expected – even if everything went really well. Well, everything is going really well and I love it!

We’ll begin anew sorting the chapters on the column on the right , as I feel I’ve turned a page, or started part-two of my book.

The rolling chassis is done – all except the rear brakes, and they just snap in place. The challenge was the front. 1967 Triumph attached to some mid-70′s dirk-bike forks (Ossa, Montessa, Penton?) holding a 1968 Triumph wheel and brakes. Other than strengthening one metal brace, I’ve done it. What a challenge, and what satisfaction : -)

Pounding the rusty motor apart was satisfying in a big-armed, blacksmith, sledge-hammer kind of way. But, creating this front end, using these components, on my budget, makes me glow inside.

I’ve begun reassembling the motor. It’s mostly clean bench-work.¬† After getting the rods on the crankshaft and getting the two engine case halves joined together (and then having it spin in that new-bearing, this-is-perfect kind of way) I was practically brought to tears! Ah! What joy!

Here’s a couple of pics. The front wheel, the timing gears and oil pump and my crude, hand-made¬† wiring diagrams.

My Beautiful Beauty!
My Beautiful Beauty!
Man!This is fun : -)
Man!This is fun : -)
That brace is kinda small - I'll change it.
That brace is kinda small – I’ll change it.
Charging on the right - Ignition on the left
Charging on the right – Ignition on the left
Where do you buy black w/ yellow stripe?
Where do you buy black w/ yellow stripe?