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Chapter 17

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The end of the take-apart

Jan. 29, 2010

The tide has turned and in a matter of days ‘the taking apart’ will become ‘the putting it all together’.

The last, deepest, most furthest piece was removed tonight. The Rusty Triumph from Kentucky has fully submitted to my wrenches, strength and perseverance.

What you see below is the crankshaft with its ‘sludge tube’ removed. This was a feat not as great as getting the rusted top-end off the motor, but it is the very last step in the taking apart. I have a video of a factory trained Triumph mechanic carefully going through each step of dismantling and reassembly of the engine, and it’s been invaluable. Note his fabulous idea of pounding a large drill bit into the sludge tube and turn <grunt> turn, until the tube can be withdrawn. Worked !


And if life wasn’t grand enough, I’ve been doing some¬† *fabulous*¬† shopping on eBay. The first Triumph I bought, the 650 (still mostly 20 miles up the road) came with my heart’s desire – Ceriani forks. I wanted the same for the Rusty Triumph from Kentucky and paid a fair amount for some on eBay. Turns out they’re Honda forks in Ceriani clamps. Ripped off (and a hasty, poorly observed purchase on my part). Anyway… to sooth my sole, I kept looking and found these beautiful forks that are maybe even more highly prized than the Cerianis – may I introduce to you the ‘better’ forks – the Betor. Professionally polished and simply beautiful.

Additionally – the exact pipes I’ve dreamed of – ‘half-mile’ pipes (both exit to the right in tuned length, giving a staggered end) Brand new. What’s best of all, both of these purchases were made at about 1/3 retail. Shopper-man!




Today I ordered the bare-minimum new parts for the innards of the engine needed to make it go – they’ll be here in a few days – let the ‘put-it-together’ begin!

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