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Background History of Coffee

According to a coffee legend, coffee was first discovered by an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi, where he found his goats dancing around a dark leafed shrub with bright red cherries (Coffee History). These bright red cherries on the shrub caused a very unique euphoria and after trying the cherries himself he noticed that he became more awake and alert. The discovery of the stimulating effects of the cherries was then exploited by monks at local monasteries to stay awake after long hours of praying and these cherries were then distributed to other monasteries around the world.  From this coffee was born!

Cherries with effects of caffeine.

One of benefits of making coffee for yourself is that in many instances it is much cheaper than going out to like Starbucks or Dutch Brothers. Also from my experience I enjoy the cup of that I make much more than what I get from these shops. Making things for myself what if it is food, coffee, or a cabinet I get a greater sense of satisfaction then buying it.

If you want to learn how to make coffee, it’s not a complicated. This module will teach someone how to make a great cup of coffee through detailed steps and visuals. Sure it may seem pretty straight forward by using a coffee maker but there are some factors that you should be aware before making coffee that will be discussed in this module. In order to get the most out of this module the reader¬† should understand some of the background knowledge of how to select coffee beans that suits their taste, and be aware of some of the different methods of making coffee. If the reader has a desire to learn and apply the what they have learned from this module then I can say with confidence that they will be able to make one magnificent cup of coffee.

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