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8. Report

I used several tools in aiding me to complete this tutorial on how to make a cup of coffee. Some of the tools I used were Microsoft Word, Paint, and WordPress. I used Word to create the meat of report. By using Word I was able to use its spell checker to help me find some common errors made in writing. After the report was created in Word, I just copy and pasted it into WordPress where I had to do a few minor touches to make sure it was correctly formatted.

Paint is actually a very powerful tool I used to crop pictures from screen shots. Several of the images that were uploaded were actually stills of videos where I took a screen shot and did some cropping. I am pleased with how the project came along with paint even though this was nothing too flashy.

The only real skill that I learned from doing this project was learning how to use WordPress more effectively. This time around I was able to format my pictures to look better on the website. I think one of the things that really helped with how images looked on the screen was changing the appearance of the website.

The only challenge I was faced with was trying to get everything formatted correctly and trying to make it look somewhat visually appealing when being viewed on the site. This challenge was overcome by merely changing the appearance of the site and discovering a few more tools that was available to me when playing around with the settings in WordPress.

I plan to keep on using the tools I have used throughout this project. Many of these tools I used, I use daily which I am becoming more and more proficient at using. I’m not sure if I will be using WordPress again because I’m not a real big fan of blogging. However, if I do find the urge to continue blogging WordPress is a great tool to use. If I was to make another guide I think I’d like to do it through a podcast or video. That is something I have never done before and I would love to try sometime. Overall, I think the project went pretty smoothly and well.

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