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4. Personal Experiences

I have just recently started to brew my own coffee and I have to say it has saved me some money. At first I didn’t think it would as convenient as it would be. After creating a routine in the morning it has actually been more convenient for me to make my own coffee then going to coffee shop like Starbucks to get my coffee. The benefits of making your own coffee is that I don’t need to stand in line or pay a ridiculous amount where I can make it for a fourth of the price they ask you to pay. Another added benefit of making a pot of coffee is that you can share it with multiple people. Your co-workers will appreciate you for creating a nice cup of coffee for them. One of my current goals is to try to taste more unique and exotic flavors of coffee. My coffee tasting experience is currently very limited however, as time goes by I hope to gain more wide range of coffee that I have tried.

Please let me know if you have a recommendation in the comments section!

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