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Luigi Bezzera patents his Tipo Gigante in 1901, the precursor to what would be the espresso machine technology for the next fifty years(Espresso Machine History). The motivation for creating this machine was that Luigi wanted to reduce coffee break times so he made a machine that would brewed the coffee much faster using pressure. From here on as technology advanced new innovations were applied to this piece of equipment that made it more efficient and ergonomically friendly to the user.

One of the first espresso machines invented.

Another innovation that was invented in how we make our coffee is that of the coffee filter. Melitta Bentz was a housewife in Germany who invented the very first coffee filter (Bellis). She wanted to discover a way to brew the perfect cup of coffee with none of the bitterness caused by the over brewing. Melitta’s design involves ┬ápouring boiling water over ground coffee and having the liquid to be filtered which removes the grinds. Like with many designs it took many iterations before it could be perfected. She experimented with many different types of materials to use as a coffee filter. It was not until she used her son’s blotter paper from school that worked the best. By cutting a round piece of blotter paper and placing it in the metal resulted in filtered coffee without any grinds or the bitterness that can be acquired from over brewing (Bellis).

With the innovation of the espresso machine there was also the invention of instant coffee. It was first invented in 1901 by a Japanese American chemist Satori Kato of Chicago. To make this type of coffee all that was required was to just pour hot water with the mixture. I wouldn’t recommend going this route to get your coffee since the quality is not on par with the quality you can get from brewing your own but for people that are in a rush this could be a nice alternative.

Social Trends

Coffee trends in the United States are not flourishing as much as other countries such as France. Many of the French universities have coffee machines set up around campus which allows students convenient access to their coffee between classes or when they’re talking to their friends. Coffee is still pretty popular in the traditional French cafes where customers sit-down and wait to be served. It has been increasingly more popular for people to go to coffee shops like Starbucks which is becoming more and popular in France (Colonnade). I think how it is funny that in some areas in the United States there can be one Starbucks on side of the street and if you walk up a block you find another Starbucks. It seems like you can find a Starbucks wherever you go. Coffee shops have become trendier because they are more convenient than ever, and they cater to people who are social, yet independent and rushed (Colonnade). A lot of the younger generation of people can usually be found in these coffee shops such as college students who need their caffeine to get through the day. Starbucks is becoming very popular across the world. They can be found in practically in any large city around the globe.

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