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The majority of the content of this project was pretty straight forward. I did not have very much trouble in trying to find the information I needed to help pursue my dream of touring China. Much of the technical aspects of going the project like using Excel or uploading images to the web I have done through either school or at work. The most troubling part of the project however is setting up images that are correctly formatted to fit on the screen.

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool to use. I was able to use the software’s functions to apply mathematical equations to determine my finances and budgets of my trip. Entering the data and the information into the cells was very straightforward and from using it in the past I knew many of the functions where I can sum up the columns and rows to get the data that I wanted. For someone who has never used Excel it can be a little difficult to use however since it is such a widely used program the amount of support online is enormous. When I find trouble in using Excel, I type in my question through Google and usually I will be able to find a detailed explanation of how to solve my problem.

I would like to try out some of the other programs that was listed in the course website. However a few of those programs wanted to use my bank account information. I did not feel comfortable at the time to give out that information and I was also on a time crunch meaning I did not want to spend the time learning new software. I think the project overall was a success. I was glad that I started to begin my planning process of one of the dreams that I would like to complete within the next year. This project was definitely a great way of brushing up my skills.

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