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Course Reflection

Some of the things that I learned that I wasn’t expecting was some of the skills that was needed to create a blog. Also learned a few techniques on how to write formal emails with the proper etiquette. Using websites such as Delicious proved to become great research tools that I plan to use in my future studies.

I believe I meant the majority of the course objectives that was listed in the syllabus. Several things that I learned in this class I will be planning to use in other courses.

Taking this course my eyes have widened about topics of feminism. I have become more aware of my surroundings and I have noticed things around me that I did not previously noticed before. The way I talk has also changed now learning some of the things taught in this class.

Yes this course exemplifies feminist pedagogy. The virtual learning environment was very collaborative with the discussion boards and comment sections of the blogs. Everyone’s ideas counts as contributions to knowledge.

Starting with this school term I have been needing to drink coffee to stay awake at my job. I am not use to waking up at 5 in the morning and going to work at 6. With the help of coffee I get that extra little boost to stay awake and on with my day. Usually I buy coffee at our cafeteria but after a month I have found out that it is quite expensive per cup of coffee. To save money I have decided to learn how to make my own cup of coffee in hoping that it will not only taste better than what I can buy at the cafeteria but will also be cheaper. Please stay tuned to my blog. We have a lot to learn!

My Dreams and Asipirations

Top 5 Dreams

  1. Tour China.
  2. Tour Europe.
  3. Earn over six figures and be in a career that I love.
  4. Earn an MBA.
  5. Buy my father a luxury car.

Touring China

After conversing with several of many family members and asking them what their big dreams were in their early twenties; the common dream was traveling the world. My family members were all advising me to travel as early in life as I can before starting a family. Which all makes sense since I do not have to take care of any children or make any payments towards a house at my age. I too agreed with what they had to say about traveling the world. One of the places that I would love to visit is China. It would be amazing to get a look of my culture with my own eyes instead through books, magazines, television and etc. I had my very first birthday in Hong Kong alongside with many of my mother’s family which I rarely see. However, I hardly remember anything from my visit, I think I am at an optimal age to visit this great country and to maximize my experiences in this foreign land.

There are two cities that I really want to check out which are Hong Kong and Shanghai. Researching online to find a tour was a breeze. I find a website called Ritz tours which offers many quality and affordable tours throughout all of Asia. Looking at their premium tours I find one for $4980.00 for a tour of 6 cities in 18 days and 16 nights. I thought this was amazingly priced tour since it includes air fare, lodging, food, guided tour and special entertainment. What I really like about this tour is that everything is setup and guided, meaning that I do not really need to worry about the stresses of traveling as much as someone who is arranging a tour to a country they have never been to. My goal is to travel on a tour similar to this one by sometime during the summer of 2011. If I was to start saving money for it right at this moment I would need to save about $356.00 to start traveling in the month of July. This only includes paying for the tour and does not include other random expenses that may come with the trip. After talking to a few of my relatives they say bringing an extra $1000.00 would give me a pretty comfortable trip traveling in 18 days over in China.

Check out the start of my financial analysis of my dream here.

Culture Project is Done!

After going through the threads on BlackBoard and getting some valuable feedback I have finally finished with the Culture Site. By going through other people’s sites I was able to extract some valuable information on how they did some things on to my site. I am pleased with how the website came out. The only challenge I had was trying to add images into my pages without disrupting the text around it. After a few trials and some tweaking I was able to tackle the challenge. I also learned how to use delicious to add some valuable bookmarks to the course that I thought were useful when doing my project.

Week 2 Blog

Updating the blog wasn’t too much of hassle. I did however had some trouble in determining what was required to get the full points. However after viewing other peers blogs I figured out what was needed. My next goal to do in this class is to find a topic for the culture site.

First Blog

This is my very first blog. Setting up the blog was a breeze. I’m still working out all the kinks on here trying to make it look pretty. I’m curious how much I can do with this blog and will be exploring through all the menus.

Hello world!

Welcome to blogs.oregonstate.edu. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!