I would like to teach someone how to play texas holdem poker. It is a simple game and am very fond of it.

I intend to use my poker software that I have on my computer to take screen shots and help explain the game. I will also be using ms Paint to edit the shots and save them in the proper format.

I could also do a little research on the game’s recent explosion in popularity.

I just finished up my financial analysis of purchasing my dream car.  Having used Excel pretty extensively in my Engineering courses, this tool was pretty familiar to me and I did not encounter any serious problems.

The biggest challenge was outputting the data and displaying it on wordpress.  For this I used the print screen method.  I pasted the screen in MS Paint, cropped the image, and saved the image I wanted as a GIF file.  This worked well and my site looks good.

One problem in the instructions I found was that I was unable to create a copywrite symbol using the alt-0169 shortcut described.  Instead, I went to the character map to get the symbol.  I don’t know if this was a problem with wordpress, the directions, or my computer but I decided to report it.

Travel to Europe

Travel to Australia

Down Payment on First Home

Purchase Dream Car: Subaru WRX, STI edition

While I do hope to travel when I finish up with school, I want to focus my financial analysis on a shorter term purchase.  After getting settled in with my new job, I want to know what it would take to budget for purchasing my dream car.

Pictures were a little difficult to come by but I managed to find a few to add to my site. Formatting them correctly was not difficult as the directions helped a lot. I look forward to some feedback from my fellow classmates.

For my Financial Analysis, I plan on investigating what it would take to purchase my dream car: a Subaru WRX.

Transferring my paper to wordpress did not turn out to be much of a challenge for me.  I used Microsoft Word, despite the warning against it, but still had little trouble (I simply copied and pasted my work from word, published the work, then deleted all of the extra jargon that wordpress threw in to try to help with transferring it).  As far as I can tell my site is up and running and nearly complete.  The biggest challenge I encountered was the ordering of the pages.  I tried to input the order manually, but it still won’t work.  The pages simply come up in alphabetical order regardless of what I put into the settings.  This is frustrating but I’ll live.  🙂

Having not read the directions before the weekend arrived I have failed to meet with a librarian this week.  However, I did do some searching of my own in the library catalogs.  I found at least one resource that I have already checked out and am using in for my research.  The book is entitled “American Women Inventors.”  It has a lot of good information on Stephanie Kwolek.  I will continue reviewing this and other material, and look to contact a librarian for more help in finding resources.

For my culture site project I would like to research more about Stephanie Kwolek.  She was born July 31, 1923 in New Kingston, Pennsylvania.  She is a Polish-American chemist who invented Kevlar; a light, strong synthetic fiber.  While there is a possibility of interviewing Stephanie, I do not think it will be necessary.  Kevlar is used extensively today so I do not believe I will have any trouble finding as much information about her as I need.

I am becoming more efficient in reading directions.  I feel that I am getting a very good feel on how to navigate myself around this site and modify my blog posts. I will only get better at it I’m sure.

For the teach project I would like to set up a site to teach people how to play online Texas-Holdem poker.  It is a very entertaining game and is fairly easy to learn.  Also, its popularity has sky-rocketed over the past few years so it may be useful to many people.

For my financial analysis project I want to examine what type of lifestyle changes that will be needed to purchase my first vehicle once I graduate.  I have a job lined up so I can use my salary income along with estimated expenditures to estimate just what would need to be done to purchase the vehicle I really want.

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