When I worked for the US Navy, colleagues used the phrase “Fair Winds and Following Seas” as they would bid farewell.  So, that’s how I’ve titled this last blog.

It sounds trite to say that it’s been a pleasure and an honor to serve as OSU’s Vice President for Research for the last four years, but it is quite apt.  A pleasure, since OSU’s research community is one of the most innovative, interesting and resourceful that I’ve ever known.  No two days were ever the same, and all days were stimulating … that made it fun.  An honor, since it’s somewhat daunting to serve the needs of a quarter-billion dollar endeavor.  How can one not feel the honor of serving people who are curing disease, saving the planet, feeding the hungry and generally making our lives better?

I tip my hat to all of our researchers – faculty, staff, students and administrators.  You are destined for continued wonderful success!

I also would like to express my gratitude to the great staff in the OSU Research Office.  This merry band of professionals is dedicated to and invested in the success of our research enterprise.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know every one of you, and look forward to hearing of your future success as well.

Finally, a thanks to the University leadership – President Ray, Provost Randhawa, VPs Clark, Ford and Johnson, and all of the rest of the team.  Your direction and leadership help to make OSU the outstanding institution that it is.

So now I head back east to DC where I’m sure new adventure awaits.  I’ll remember these days fondly … and rest assured, I’ll be wearing my black and orange as I enjoy those fair winds and following seas.




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4 thoughts on “Fair Winds and Following Seas

  1. Rick – Thanks for the top-flight service you provided to the university. You have helped OSU take its next step to excellence. Well done. We’ll miss you greatly, but wish you all the best in this minor detour (yes, we expect you back here in Oregon some day soon!).


    John Selker

  2. Rick- You brought a spring to our step while you have been here! Thanks for being a positive leader helping to transform OSU. I truely enjoyed working with you. You have inspired the OSU community with your vision, strategy, high personal standards and unwavering values. We wish you all the best as an important scientific leader for our nation. Thank you for your friendship and support throughout your time here. Now go hit it out of the park!

  3. Rick,

    Thanks for your support and encouragement of research across the university. You have truly been a leader and pushed all of us to excel. You will be missed! All the best in navigating new seas.

    all the best, Anita

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