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Looking up in the atrium of the National Science Foundation photo by Carol Ormand

A few years ago I was invited to deliver a talk at a science pub in Washington, DC (of course, since it was Washington, they called it a “science café,” as I suspect that’s more politically correct. ) It was held in the gorgeous, airy atrium of the National Science Foundation headquarters – what a treat!

I talked about climate change and its implications for a range of societal issues.  The venue was conducive to a healthy discussion and debate afterward.  I was an instant aficionado of the concept of casual public gatherings in which experts converse with lay people on subjects of topical import.


Exerior of Old World Deli: building, sign, flag, bikes, windows, awnings.Coming back to Corvallis, I was delighted to learn that science pubs are now an active part of OSU’s relationship with the community, at the Old World Deli* –  a familiar local venue with its own unique charm.

So, I am especially excited about the opportunity to be host for the March 12 Corvallis Science Pub.

As always at this monthly event, we will begin with the fun of a trivia competition, complete with prizes – yet the topic of the evening, biofuels, is not trivial.

Of course, raising crops such as corn and soybeans specifically in order to produce fuel poses difficult questions for policymakers in areas ranging from managing greenhouse gases to security issues associated with energy independence.

We’ll hear from two scientists whose work points us toward a more efficient and sustainable way to produce biofuels.

Vince Remcho is a professor in the analytical chemistry at Oregon State University and an affiliate scientist for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has authored numerous scientific publications on microfluidics, biosensors and nanoscale separations. His primary responsibilities are at OSU. As part of that capacity, he will be the principal investigator for Trillium FiberFuel’s work with the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) on advanced isomerization systems.

Chris Beatty has an MS in Materials Science with an emphasis in Microfabrication. He worked at Hewlett-Packard for 22 years, including 15+ years in product/process development and 5 years in business development. He has 18 issued and numerous pending patents in MEMS, inkjet, and fuel cells. He founded and managed Ecopress (book publishing), which was later acquired by a larger press. Chris is president of Trillium FiberFuels and a member of its board of directors.

I am eager to hear what Vince and Chris will say – and I know that the topic will elicit pointed questions from the audience and a lively discussion. I hope you can join us.Hand-painted menu signs: mighty meaty, mighty meatless, and more


– Rick Spinrad
VP for Research


Logo Science Pub, with drinkig glass as part of symbol.Corvallis Science Pubs are generally the second Monday of the Month,
6:00pm – 8:00pm at The Old World Deli, 341 SW 2nd St., Corvallis.
No RSVP or tickets are required. Come early for food, drink, and a seat. Quench your thirst and feed your head. Learn about cutting-edge topics in science and technology from leading experts, in an interactive, informal atmosphere where there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Everyone has fun at Science Pub, from those completely unfamiliar with science to self-identified “science geeks.”

Corvallis Science Pubs are for ages 21+, or minor with adult, but please read the disclaimer if you’re thinking of bringing kids.

full drinking glasses topped with foam, with Science Pub logo

General Inquiries  Terra Magazine 541.737.0783

Downtown Corvallis Association 541.754.6624

For information or to sign up for the mailing list Email: sciencepub@omsi.edu

note: I made one of my first public appearances on that very Old World Deli stage  in 1976 – not as a scientific administrator, but playing my banjo and passing the hat –  the start of a prematurely (but appropriately) aborted career as a professional musician! – RS

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  1. Sound like a great event and yes, the Old World Deli really does have a unique charm! It’s a little known Corvallis-lore fact that my mother’s image is painted on the ceiling of this venue!

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