The Cayuse web-based proposal development and submission system has been in use at OSU for five months now.  It’s been exciting to train faculty and staff and to see the system work well.  We’ve submitted proposals to the Army, ONR, DOE, DOT, NIFA, NIH, NOAA, USGS and NSF.  We’ve also seen proposals reviewed and approved going to sponsors including Idaho State University, Portland State University, the International Whaling Commission, and Hewlett Packard.

Now that we’ve finished the discovery process, Cayuse staff will program our customized system requirements for Phase II, which brings some nice features that we are sure faculty will appreciate:

  • System-generated concurrent routing.  Currently, Cayuse routes proposals in a linear fashion.  With the Phase II implementation, a lead PI (or designee) starts the routing process and then the proposal will route concurrently between all units.
  • Drop-down menus for agencies and F&A rates on the proposal summary form, making it easier to complete the summary form and describe where the project takes place.
  • Division of indirect cost recoveries can be documented in the proposal record as part of the summary form.
  • Listing of project personnel (co-PIs) will take place on the summary form as well as the agency forms.
  • Additional data elements to assist in measuring international and industry partners.
  • Additional data elements to assist in accreditation requests.
  • Improved reporting capabilities.

These new features will not change how the Federal forms will be completed, and any additional training should be minimal.  In addition, The link to the Cayuse website is now more prominent on Sponsored Programs’ website.

We anticipate that a version will be available for testing in the Office of  Sponsored Programs in early January, with roll-out to campus in the spring.

While the Office of Sponsored Programs plans to retire the Proposal Transmittal Form at the end of June 2012,  some forms will still be required and  will remain on the Sponsored Programs website: F&A waivers; Attachment A – justification for direct charging clerical and administrative costs; and fabricated equipment.

Pat Hawk, smiling.
Pat Hawk

Director, Office of  Sponsored Programs

link to Cayuse login


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