The Research Office Quiz 2011 debuted at the University Day expo. Here it is again, in case you missed the chance to figure out the answers, or want another go at it  – or hope to stump your colleagues.

The winner of our U.Day quiz  participation drawing is
Mike Hinds, IT Communication Manager for Information Services!
Mike will receive his choice of a book by an  OSU author.

If you are not Mike, yet participated at the event, thank you – your prize can be a subscription to The Spin on Research. Congratulations!

Match each numbered question with an answer from the list below.

  1. Which coffee shops are nearest the Research Office?

2. What is the least turn-around time you should allow for proposal review at the Office of Sponsored Programs (to avoid turning into a pumpkin)?

3.What are the values that inform the new OSU Research Agenda?

Image by Rembrandt of man and horse.4.  What system, named after a horse bred by a Native American tribe, will make your funding life easier?

5.Which unit in the Research Office may help get the results of your work out there to benefit your neighbors?

6. Say your project includes a simple survey to be filled out by dog owners. Which office should you consult with?

7.Why do two Research Office  leaders have names starting with R-I-C ?

8. What green technology is available for able-bodied people to get up to the Research Office?

9. How can you get the inside scoop on the OSU research enterprise?

Match each question with its answers  . . . from among the options below

a. Three full business days 






b. The Office of Research Integrity – Institutional Review Board (IRB) 






Spiral staircase.c. The stairs

d. That’s a rich topic for research! 







e. Java Stop II in the  Valley Library;  and shops in McNary Dining Hall 






f. Subscribe to The Spin on Research blog 


g. Most specifically The Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development




h.Relevance, Integration, Collaboration, Leadership, Accessibility

i. Cayuse, for  electronic proposal submissions.

To  verify answers or find out more, please see, or call 541-737-3467

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