Brett Tyler, smiling.I am pleased to announce that Dr. Brett Tyler has accepted the position of the Director of OSU’s Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing (CGRB). He has also been appointed as the Stewart Chair in Gene Research, tenured professor in the Department of Botany & Plant Pathology, and adjunct faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine. He will assume responsibilities on January 1, 2012.

Tyler has been a professor at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute and the Department of Plant Pathology, Physiology and Weed Science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Virginia.

As a leader in this important field, he will contribute immensely to our research portfolio, and will inspire expanded discovery as well as impact.

“We are excited about Brett leading the CGRB. He brings world-class credentials to our institution,” said Sonny Ramaswamy, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Tyler received his Ph.D. in molecular immunology from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, Australia and postdoctoral training in fungal genetics at the University of Georgia. His current research interests are focused on the systems biology of infectious disease, principally regarding oomycete pathogens of plants. His research employs a combination of structural and functional genomics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, and mathematical modeling to dissect the network of signals that tie together the biochemical and regulatory networks of pathogens and their hosts.

Tyler’s team recently discovered a widespread class of small secreted proteins produced by oomycetes, fungi and insects that can enter plant and animal host cells by binding to phosphoinositides. In 2008 Tyler was awarded the Noel T. Keen Award for Excellence in Molecular Plant Pathology by the American Phytopathological Society.

“I am excited to join the research community of Oregon State University, and to participate in leading the community to excellence, especially in the fast-moving areas of genomics and biocomputing,” said Tyler.

CGRB facilitates the development, application and training in computationally intensive, genome-enabled research at OSU and across the state. Research in the CGRB and faculty affiliate laboratories seeks to improve health, better utilize natural and agricultural resources, understand our global environment, and develop new bio-based products and energy sources. The Center offers leadership and services to faculty, staff and students through core laboratories, computational facilities, seminars and technology workshops and conferences. It also provides a focal point for researchers to establish contacts, initiate collaborations and apply new technologies in their own laboratories.

We appreciate Dan Arp for acting as the Interim Director of CGRB. Tyler will fill the position vacated by Jim Carrington, who became president of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Please join me in welcoming Brett Tyler to campus and this leadership role.

Rick Spinrad
Vice President for Research

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