The Research Office staff is here for you


Tracy Elmshaeuser, smiling.
Tracy Elmshaeuser
DWalker, smiling.
Deb Walker
  • Guiding submissions so your research is supported

Pat Hawk, smiling.
Pat Hawk
CWithrow, smiling
Cindy Rasberry
VWAtkins, smiling.
Vickie Watkins
LReilly, smiling.
Lin Reilly
EAnundson, smiling.
Eric Anundson

(not pictured:  Aedra Reynolds, Dawn Wagner)

  • Fostering innovation so your intellectual property is protected and your discoveries benefit the public

Brian Wall, smiling.
Brian Wall
Mary Phillips, smiling.
Mary Phillips
Denis Sather, smiling.
Denis Sather
Mitch Abrams, smiling.
Mitch Abrams
STillitt, smiling.
Susan Tillitt
Dan Whitaker, smiling.
Dan Whitaker
Shirley Chow, smiling
Shirley Chow


  • Ensuring compliance with regulations so your progress is unencumbered

Durkee, smiling
Steve Durkee
MSamuel, smiling
Mary Samuel
(not pictured:  Candi Loeb, Lisa Leventhal, Nicole Wolf, Gayle Orner, Susan Glowacz) 

  • Advocating for you, and more

Rick Spinrad, smiling.
Rick Spinrad
Rich Holdren, smiling.
Rich Holdren
Debbie Delmore, smiling.
Debbie Delmore
Jana Z, smiling.
Jana Zvibleman

(not pictured: Erika Fleck)


To see position titles, descriptions of services, contact numbers, and more, please see the Research Office website Better yet, visit in person, on the third floor of Kerr Administration Building.

Note: The Research Office services are also provided by some temporary staff as well as students.

This publication transitioned to a new distribution system and in the process experienced technical glitches. We are sorry for the inconvenience of multiple emails, and we thank those who alerted us as well as those who didn’t! We are assured by technical support that the problem has been resolved.

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