Boehlert, smiling.OSU centers and institutes are crucial in bringing investigators together for innovative interdisciplinary collaboration,  expanding both the discovery and the application of knowledge.  I salute all our faculty and staff involved in the centers, and especially appreciate the leadership of those who serve as directors.


The Vice President for Research and the Research Office provide direct administrative leadership and support for the following Centers and Institutes. Of course,  even more research units, some within colleges, are integral to the OSU enterprise,  and OSU has a significant leadership presence in key national programs.Lisa Gaines, smiling.


Please see descriptions of the activities of centers and institutes at

Mote, smiling.and photos of the current directors at (where you can identify the people pictured here)

If your unit’s description  is not up-to-date here, please “comment” on the blog so other readers get the word, and send your URL and exact changes to




-Rick Spinrad, Vice President for Research

Certain OSU Centers and Institutes are administered by the Vice President for Research, and those are the ones for which the Research Office site provides descriptions and photos of directors. The Research Office site also lists  Additional OSU research units and affiliated organizations ,  with links to many rich resources and collaborations.

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