File folders on shelves.The Research Office has selected the vendor for an electronic proposal development and electronic submission system for OSU. Cayuse, a company based in Beaverton, Oregon, created and supports a web-based tool that replaces manual processes for sponsored opportunities.

To be implemented at OSU in phases over the next six months, the Cayuse system will be used for all research funding proposals, federal as well as non-federal. Using standard web browsers, researchers download electronic grant opportunities directly from or and prepare the proposals in the web application.


The system’s productivity features include tools for preparing multi-year and multi-PI budgets, uploading research plans, importing subcontractor subaward proposals and budgets, copying and transforming proposals (e.g., templates), and routing and approving proposals. OSU’s use of the system will also include linking with protocols of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), reducing duplication of effort and information.

“This state-of-the-art tool will enhance our research enterprise. I am confident that Cayuse, an Oregon-based company with exemplary experience, will deliver the solutions we have been seeking. OSU is the first institution of higher education in Oregon to take advantage of this product.
We thank everyone who provided input on the demo sites, and especially appreciate the efforts of Jodi Pitzer of Procurement and Contract Services, and the evaluation committee:  Jan Auyong, Barbara Bond, Lois Brooks, Pat Hawk, Rich Holdren, Alex Sims, and Nicole Wolf. ”

–  Rick Spinrad, Vice President for Research

“Our office processes approximately 2000 proposals each year. An especially exciting feature of Cayuse 424 is the multiple-level error-checking, so it will detect details that are sometimes impossible to catch manually due to inconsistencies in requirements, volume and time constraints. This should eliminate having proposals returned without

review because of technicalities. Ultimately, it will reduce time and paperwork for faculty and staff. When OSU is the lead on a multi-institutional proposal, our subcontractors will be able to use our system free-of-charge. Another plus is that researchers will be able to not only develop but also track the routing of a proposal through the university system and to the funding agency.”

-Pat Hawk, Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs


Testing, training, and implementation will be by college or unit, with the schedule soon to be determined. Cayuse will provide training to Office of Sponsored Program staff on-site in June, 2011.

Cayuse logo, with horse illustration.The Company

Cayuse, based in Beaverton, Oregon has been creating software to streamline grant proposal development since 1994. Cayuse 424 is used at approximately 100 institutions in the U.S. The company was selected by the National Science Foundation for development of its electronic submission format to FastLane via Cayuse was the first to implement’s electronic submission service, which is available in the production release at OSU.


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