The Office of Sponsored Programs has completed the evaluation phase of systems by various vendors for web-based proposal submission.   The Research Office will keep the campus apprised of developments once a vendor has been selected and negotiations finalized.

Thanks to everyone who provided input on the demo sites. A special thanks  to the evaluation committee:  Jan Auyong, Barbara Bond, Lois Brooks, Pat Hawk, Rich Holdren, Alex Sims, and Nicole Wolf, and to Jodi Pitzer of Procurement and Contract Services,  who provided much-appreciated support and guidance.

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One thought on “Web-Based Proposal Submission System

  1. Thanks for keeping everyone informed.

    I was able to evaluate only one of the products because of pressing time commitments, and gave some feedback on that – but it was evident from my one test that there was a risk that the vendors may be overreaching to produce a comprehensive product – to the extent that the investigator submitting proposals would have to work within the vendor environment for the budgeting, proposal narrative entry, etc, which in my view would be a serious error.

    PIs should be able to work within their existing environments, with the vendor’s software providing an easy to use wrapper around, for instance, a PDF file generated by FastLane.The product shouldn’t be the mandatory interface to FastLane or other federal online systems ( presently, and then its subsequent replacement), but rather something that works with the output of those other systems, in a fairly low impact way. The OSU proposal submission form, Facilities forms, Compliance Forms – these are areas where the software can remove the paper trail, but I would not extend past this level and then impose the need to work with the software to generate the proposal itself or the budget. How such a system would integrate with other universities and entities in collaborative proposal submissions is a big question mark, if it goes beyond acting as a wrapper around the existing federal proposal submission systems.

    Ideally this new software would replace existing paper copies of OSU forms, but would not require a significant change in the workflow of proposal authors – keeping in mind that for some of the most productive PIs in terms of research activity and fund raising, integration into ONID isn’t even a reality.

    My two cents worth…

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