The Research Office is seeking input on the first phase of an OSU Research Agenda, which is being developed as a complement to the OSU Strategic Plan.

Today I am asking for your input on the accompanying text (Phase I of the Agenda), which provides background and definition of our research values and principles. Please visit Research Agenda Phase I Draft to download the Phase 1 Draft document. To comment, You can use your ONID user name and password. Each line in the document is numbered, so you can refer to a specific line. For technical assistance please email researchsupport@oregonstate.edu.

Oregon State UniversityI encourage you to read it carefully and provide your comments as we move forward to identifying our research thrusts (Phase II, later this winter) and implementation plans (Phase III in the spring).

We are well-positioned to develop this agenda, as OSU faculty have been conducting top-notch, meaningful, diverse research and scholarship – your discoveries, outcomes, and applications have already been  furthering knowledge as well as benefitting the state and the world. A formalization of statements, with a commonly-held commitment, will be an invaluable tool. The spelled-out agenda states that it will “guide resource allocation within the institution.”  It should also help in our institutional focus,  communications about our strengths, and self-evaluation/tracking of our progress. I also expect it will help you prioritize your research activities and will provide formal foundation for promoting investment in transdisciplinary, transformational and high risk research.

I am also confident that the agenda (along with and other strategies in place to strengthen our institutional identity) can help leverage support from potential sponsors, both governmental and private – so it may lay groundwork for better funding and inter-institutional collaborations for your work.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the individuals who put their effort into this statement, for their diligent and thoughtful work: Terri Fiez, Mark Abbott, Gail Achterman, Barb Bond, Julie Brandis, Stella Coakley, Anita Guerrini, Rich Holdren, Fred Kamke, Mark Leid, Jeff McCubbin, Skip Rung, Brian Wall, and Mark Zabriskie. It would have been much easier and quicker to put a lot of ideas into a 25-page document, and to then file it away. Instead, we discussed, considered, chose, listened, drafted, reconsidered, and honed the ideas down to a two-page statement that we hope is accurate, clear, realistic, and inspiring – and that we hope will be kept up-to-date, referred to and well-used.

I look forward to seeing your comments and input.

UPDATE: The Research Agenda, which states the foundation for OSU’s research enterprise, is now available  http://oregonstate.edu/research/research-agenda.html

Rick Spinrad, Vice President for Research

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