Connection Session on NSF’s Coasts and People Initiative

In response to an NSF Dear Colleague Letter recently published

on NSF’s “Coasts and People” initiative. 

Monday, May 13   3:30-5:00 pm

Hallie E. Ford Center, Bray Conference Room, HFC 115

with reception following



  • Give potential PIs a chance to understand expertise on campus across the various disciplines.
  • Provide the opportunity to hear from various groups through 2-minute “ignite” talks.
  • Enable networking and interactions across disciplines.

Further info:

  • The RSVP page contains a quick set of questions about the research expertise and approach of each potential participants.
  • This information will be made available to all participants ahead of the session to allow participants time to plan how they can best use the networking time during the reception.
  • Interested faculty are asked to fill out the information on the RSVP form even if you are not able to attend to allow for a complete database.