In my “facilitated discussion” session at the 34th Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience, we worked in groups to brainstorm learning activities around the new frames.  The group in the room was about half librarians and half teaching faculty (some of whom were also responsible for FYE program administration). This series of posts outlines the different activities we came up with:

Group 4

Frame: Scholarship as Conversation

  • Show an item or clip from the Daily Show.
  • Discuss or reflect on the clip:
    • Was there evidence discussed or presented?
    • Are there concepts or ideas to investigate?
    • What do we know about the context? What could we find out?
  • Break into groups and research these questions in scholarly or academic sources.

(note: this could also be done individually, or as homework)

  • Develop a research question  about the issue.

Notes from the group:  We observe students using familiar, popular sources and do not explore beyond them.  How do we encourage that exploration?

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