In my “facilitated discussion” session at the 34th Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience, we worked in groups to brainstorm learning activities around the new frames.  The group in the room was about half librarians and half teaching faculty (some of whom were also responsible for FYE program administration). This series of posts outlines the different activities we came up with:

Group 1. 

Frame: Searching as Strategic Exploration

  • Ask students to bring in a syllabus from another course.
  • In class, examine the syllabus and choose a subject or author you don’t know much about that will be covered later in the term.
  • Reflect: What do you know about this subject/person/theme?  Anything?  What are you curious about? What are you nervous about?
  • Begin researching the topic.
  • Reflect: What are you finding? What are you curious about? What are you concerned about?
  • Introduce tools and strategies for more exploration and research.
  • Reflect: What did you learn from the process? How would this experience transfer out of FYE?

Notes from the group discussion:

The biggest problem for many students is how to get started.  Students need motivation to dig deeper.

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