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The activities included here reflect the principles presented in the OSU LIbraries' Effective Research Assignments workshop. To find out more about those, and additional resources, check out the accompanying research guide.

If there is an author/creator listed for an activity, please make sure to credit them accordingly.

Sample Assignments - Audience

One way to add authenticity and focus to research assignments is to define a real-world audience for students. This encourages students to think about the rhetorical value of the sources they select, and provides you with a framework to assess their choices.

Sample Assignments - Exploration & Topic Selection

Research shows that students find choosing a topic incredibly difficult and stressful, yet they are frequently left to navigate this part of the research process on their own. When they downshift to tired, overdone topics that they know will be doable, everyone suffers. These activities restructure the topic selection process around curiosity and exploration.

Sample Assignments - Critical Reading & Evaluation

Checklists and source requirements can inadvertently teach students that all sources that meet those basic requirements are equal. When people have an authentic need to use information to learn, solve problems, and create solutions - they have to push beyond these surface factors. To do this, they need to learn to read complex sources effectively, and to consider them in context.