The Author

Greetings. I’m Demian Bailey, the Project Manager for the RCRV program.  I keep track of things to make sure that we stay on schedule and under budget.  I’ve got a great team of very smart people who do all the actual hard work of designing and building the ships.   Prior to this really great job, I was the Marine Superintendent for OSU and had the misfortune to retire our old research stalwart R/V Wecoma but also the great fortune to spare R/V Oceanus from the chopping block and transfer her from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to OSU. Prior to that I worked as a NOAA Corps officer and sailed on and took some inspiration from several great regional class type ships including R/Vs McArthur, McArthur II, and David Starr Jordan. I learned a thing or two about very large ships in the U.S. Navy prior to NOAA, graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in the early 90’s. Little known fact: I started out my career as an E-1 in the Navy as an Electrician’s Mate.  Little known fact #2: though I was raised in Ohio and have lived all over the world and throughout the country, I was born within 50 miles of where I now live.

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