@rcrv_program : Entering into the World of Facetagram !

I’ve been informed that perhaps BLOGS such as this are, to say, a bit of an antiquated form of outreach and that several new methods have emerged in recent decades that might be more appropriate for our project to get the word out on new and emerging developments.  Therefore, in my capacity as project manager, where my main job is basically to do what my team tells me to do and say what they tell me to say, I have appointed an official Social Media Czar–notably, I should add, of the millennial generation–to manage and update content using the Instagram and or the FaceBook.

This change is actually really good news for everyone for, as you’ve seen, I’v not been the absolute best at keeping my New Year’s resolution and posting more often.  But fear not, this is not the end of this blog. Nay. I will still keep at it and finally post some long-teased technical updates and this will continue to be my platform for certain other announcements and proclamations.  But for fun day-to-day updates, I encourage you to follow us:


Expect lots of #pictures showing all three of our #ships springing to life.  I think I might actually create my own accounts so I can see what’s going on myself with the #rcrvsarereallycool! But if you start getting some new, targeted ads from U.S. Shipyards and Central European winch manufacturers and marine-grade LED light fixture providers, don’t blame me!

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5 Responses to @rcrv_program : Entering into the World of Facetagram !

  1. Adam Schultz says:

    I like to think that I’m actually way ahead of the curve and have totally abandoned all social media. So if you want to reach me, yer ol fashioned Blog is just fine, thank you!

  2. leon buell says:

    Its all good..Ship hardware ads might be good.An old porthole or such.

  3. Paul Furness says:

    In Australia we’re well used to droughts … but a blog drought is a new phenomenon. As it hasn’t rained since April 18 … Demian … I’ve been monitoring the webcams of Taani’s construction closely since then and matching fabrications to the GA plans. However, I’m currently a little puzzled as to the oval cut-out at the for’d end of the longitudinal bulkhead of the engine room (module 32) evident in webcam 2. The GA version I have shows a door at this location. Has a revision been made ? Incidentally, some of my students of naval architecture at AMC are also following the construction via the webcams and it’s proving an excellent insight for them. Brilliant idea those webcams !

    • You have a sharp eye! The model and plate “nesting drawings” show the same shape and that was what was cut out. Keep in mind that OSU does not monitor every detail of the construction process, but it’s likely that it is only a place holder for the door that will eventually be fit in this place. Although its only a guess, but if the full “rough opening” was cut that close to the edge and bottom of the plate, perhaps during its time on the panel line and with the subsequent transport and rigging in place the bulkhead would be prone to twisting, bending or kinking. After it is securely in place and connected to adjacent structure the ship fitters will probably layout and cut the opening per the door list.

      • Paul Furness says:

        That makes a lot of sense actually Demian. Thank you. Will we get to see fabrication of the aluminium upperworks via webcams as well or are they being assembled elsewhere within the shipyard ? Riveting stuff recently watching Taani and her sister grow. And the odd poor guy doing the overtime late at night ….

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