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I’m happy to announce that OSU inked the contract for a third RCRV!  That’s great news for the nations academic research fleet.  We don’t know yet who we will be working with to transition the third vessel to operations, but NSF has a solicitation on the street for prospective operators. Want to operate an RCRV? You have until July 01 to get a proposal in…

Meanwhile, work is progressing well on Taani and Resolution.  Here’s a recent picture of Taani’s centerboard being fitted in. The retractable centerboard was one of the first things that needed to be fabricated because, in a lot of ways, it serves as the vertical backbone of the ship.  Power Dynamics, LLC, a company out of Mississippi, built it for us. The workmanship is outstanding!

In preparation for Resolution’s keel laying on May 7th, GIS has also starting fabricating the skeg for the ceremony.

I’d also like to let you know that we have several cool (nearly) live webcams that you can watch construction of the ships as it happens.  When interesting things are scheduled, maybe I’ll be able to give a heads up here and you can tune in. For now, here are the links:


You can also always check the main OSU webcam site for these and more, including R/V Oceanus underway.

I should also add that DVT is taking a bit longer than originally planned.  We’re taking a bit of extra time to ensure that all of the engineering is done properly so that the modeling and, ultimately, construction happens in the most efficient manner possible. Here’s an update on our schedule:

Ok. That’s all the news that’s fit to print for the moment! Thanks again for your interest in the RCRV project. /d


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