New Year’s Resolutions…

One of my personal historical heroes is Captain James Cook. He was not born into the typical English Naval Officer’s aristocratic family; he rose to his station through the hawsepipe purely on his merit and leadership.  In many ways he could be considered the first captain of an ocean-going research ship. The best book I’ve read on his life exploits is Further Than any Man by Martin Dugard. It’s a real nail biter. His first ship, the HMS Endeavour echos to this day as the eponymous inspiration in the vessel of our RCRV partner– University of Rhode Island– R/V Endeavor (though URI apparently does not like the letter “U”).

R/V Resolution served as Cook’s modern upgrade and took him and his crew many countless miles on his second and third voyages. Among many other “firsts” she was the first ship to sail below the antarctic circle. I’m burying the lead here, but guess what? URI has named the second RCRV.   And guess what name they chose for R/V Endeavor’s successor?

This, from Dr. Bruce Corliss, dean of URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography:

The naming of R/V Resolution follows the precedent by Dean John Knauss of choosing a historical name for the R/V Endeavor.  As the second vessel used by Captain Cook in his voyages of exploration, the HMS Resolution had a long and distinguished career and R/V Resolution continues the tradition within URI of a historical name following the R/V Endeavour, Cook’s first vessel of exploration.  There is a further linkage to Cook and the HMS Endeavour, as the remains of the HMS Endeavour are thought to be in the east passage of Narragansett Bay, some five miles from our campus.

Nicely done! I think this name is a great fit for what is going to be a great ship!

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