What do you think of the possible Logos?

Two posts this week! This one is quick.  I thought I’d present a couple of possible logo’s we’re considering for R/V Taani.  What do you think? Preference? Feel free to drop in a comment below.

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4 Responses to What do you think of the possible Logos?

  1. Paul Furness says:

    Hi Demian and RCRV team,

    A purely objective opinion: I prefer the upper logo as I find ‘Oregon State University’ is deservedly more prominent, but wonder if the sky backdrop to the vessel could not be all blue or, alternatively, as in the lower logo. Hence something of a hybrid. Does the constellation of stars used in either have any significance ? Where I live (Australia) the constellation probably wouldn’t be random but reflect the Southern Cross. It’s almost compulsory to do so, it seems ! Is there a significant constellation for the NW United States ? If so, perhaps that could be used. Great blog by the way. Exceptionally informative and honest – the latter very pleasing and rare in recent years within the world of naval architecture.

    • Thanks for the comment. Good suggestion. I don’t think the constellation has significance and there was another suggestion to reduce it to three stars that match OSU’s new logo.

  2. Paul Pulliam says:

    Needs vintage “Benny”

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